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Bullets: Anthony Hickey says Ford is ‘making him a better person’

Great Le’Bryan profile, recapping the TCU win and a closer look at OSU’s running backs coach.




Sad to hear about a family member of one of my sponsors passing away. Show them some love and go get some free coffee.

TCU leftovers

Nash: “It’s my last time. and it hit me when the ball went up in the air. It hit me.” (Tulsa World)

Travis Ford was setting up Marek Soucek for a 3-pointer last night. (NewsOK)

Wow, Eamonn Brennan says OSU didn’t even need to win at home on Wednesday night: “I think Oregon could probably survive a loss at Oregon State, given where they are right now. I’d say the same for Oklahoma State despite those four straight losses, even at home against TCU; the rest of the bubble just doesn’t have the Cowboys’ quality wins.” (ESPN)

Photos from Senior Night. (okstate)

Notes and thoughts from last night’s win over TCU. (PFB)

The Jeffrey Carroll oop last night was a little bit underrated. (okstate)

Senior stuff

Great profile of Anthony Hickey here: “I just want to be successful. And you have to be coachable to be successful. … He’s making me a better person, not just a better player.” (O’Colly)

Here’s Travis Ford giving Darrell Williams a signed poster on Senior Night. (PFB)

Nash: “There are people around me that are helping me a lot to make sure I do good by her and make sure I be a great father in my child’s life.” (O’Colly)

Michael Cobbins’ parents are just the best. Storm that court, Mrs. Cobbins! (PFB)

Hoops misc.

Here are all the Big 12 seeding scenarios. My head is spinning. (NewsOK)

The women’s All-Big 12 team continues to be a clown show. Don’t put 10 girls on your first team and maybe I’ll start to take you seriously. (Big 12 Sports)

This photo of Desmond and Rayford Young, though. (NewsOK)

Five ways to fix OSU hoops. Pokes sort of implemented a few of these on Wednesday. (PFB)

OSU isn’t even listed here as a bubble team. (Yahoo)

Peak Russell Westbrook last night in OKC. (Daily Thunder)


More Dez

What happened to the Dez Bryant video? (Deadspin)

The Dez high school highlight videos are never ending and always awesome. (PFB)

About that RB position

Todd Monken on OSU’s new RB coach: “I’m adamant in all my years coaching that Marcus Arroyo is a flat-out stud.” Sold. (NewsOK)

Childs, Palelei and the rest of the Cowboys’ backs have the spring to prove they deserve carries this fall. (ESPN)

Football misc.

TCU going to Tuscaloosa to see how Bama recruits is something that reads a little bit like satire. (Yahoo)

Robert Allen breaks down the offseason training championship. (Scout)

The NCAA wants to effectively eliminate the pop pass? That stinks. OSU uses it a little bit, too. (CBS)

Someday, aliens will unearth our amateur athletics days and giggle. (CBS)

Joe Haden and Justin Gilbert working out together. I’m not sure I could hang. (Tulsa World)

Other sports

Morgan Hoffmann hung out with the Heat mascot and Matt Kuchar (who are probably friends) on Wednesday night.

More stuff I’m reading

The year in movie soundtracks. Interstellar is insanely good. (Kottke)

This podcast with a fellow I’ve never heard of named Josh Dean is really good. He edited the piece David Foster Wallace wrote on Roger Federer for the New York Times which is the GOAT of tennis pieces. (Longform)

Four crazy (not really that crazy) ideas from Stanford about the future of college. (Vox)

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