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Bullets: Daxx Garman isn’t the long-term answer

So says Berry Tramel.





Some are reminded of former Texas star and current Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles when Jones runs, courtesy of his dreads, frame, running style and acceleration. (247)

Carson, Southwell, and I went on our weekly deep dive into the uniform world yesterday. It got weird and awesome. (PFB)

Daxx Garman is the short-term answer at quarterback for OSU. But I’m not ready to proclaim him the long-term answer. Even though Garman’s strong arm is what the Cowboys’ Air Raid offense needs, I need to see a little more from Garman. You know, like against a I-A opponent. (NewsOK)

Larry Coker thinks Tyreek Hill might be the fastest football player in the world. (PFB)

These Maryland uniforms are insane. What is going on? (Yahoo)

Gundy has 100 percent confidence in Ben Grogan because…well…because he doesn’t have anybody else. (NewsOK)

Some of my favorite scalding hot takes from the season so far. (PFB)

Yurcich on Brandon Sheperd: “He’s a big-body guy. Coach (Kasey) Dunn said it the other day, ‘He’s got really heavy hands.’ When he clubs you, he’s going to move you. So he matches up well against inside-type bodies, whether they be a nickel (back) or a linebacker.” (NewsOK)

Somehow, someway, Tyreek Hill has been even better than advertised for Oklahoma State. I had my reservations about the track star heading into the season, but his performance against Florida State proved he is a football player not a track guy having fun on the gridiron.

And OSU’s use of Hill has been smart as the Cowboys have looked to get him the ball in several different ways. Hill looks poised for a all-conference season. (ESPN)

Cool post here on Rennie Childs. I love Childs. (O’Colly)

Some great photos from the OSU-Missouri State game. (Flickr)

Ryan Simmons: “Just like Coach (Glenn) Spencer said, there’s nothing that’s more motivating than your own failure.” (O’Colly)

OBC talks Ray Rice and hitting women. (CBS Sports)

Gundy on Larry Coker: “He’s got great people skills, and he’s smart. I don’t know all the details of whatever happened down in Miami, but I know that he was one game away and arguably a call that could have gone either way from winning two national championships in a row.” (O’Colly)

Who should start at QB? Make sure you vote on this — I’ll be writing about it later today. (PFB)

Bob Stoops can’t help himself from talking about the SEC. (CBS Sports)

This season, 12 of Walsh’s 36 passes have traveled 10 “air yards” or more, according to ESPN Stats & Information. In other words, his passes have traveled 10 yards or more in the air on 33.3 percent of his total attempts. Walsh was 4 of 12 for 97 yards, one touchdown and one interception on those attempts. (ESPN)

Here’s the best GIF of that Daxx throw. (PFB)

Glenn Spencer on Josh Furman: “I’d hate to know what we would be like right now without Josh. I hope the rewards are as good for him this year, being here, as they are for us by him being here.” (O’Colly)


Rashaun Woods on the anniversary of the SI scandal: “At no point in time did I see anything illegal, and no one ever tried to give me money (beyond) what I was supposed to get in my per diem. I got the same per diem that everybody else got. The only bonus I ever got was when I would get to fish on somebody’s pond.” (Tulsa World)

Not much OSU in here but I love Ubben’s pregame huddle. Great stuff. (Fox SW)

Thoughts on this?



John Calipari is setting up a two-day combine for NBA scouts to attend? I wish we had enough talent to do this. (CBS Sports)

More stuff I’m reading

Why flunking exams is a good thing. (NYT)

Four ways smart people design their days. Think about death. (FastCompany)

But cotton holds sweat like a washcloth, making it a poor option for working out. And polyester creates a personal miasma, injuring your social life. There’s wool, but it can itch. That only leaves one option: DO NOT WORK OUT AND NEVER LEAVE YOUR SHOWER UGH. (Fittish)

To leave something important to you unrefined — uniterated, firstdrafted — is the laziest safety net you can deploy. It’s almost lazier than not creating in the first place… (99U)

He’s always awesome.

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