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Bullets: Gundy and Co. remain upbeat about season

Jeffrey Carroll’s interesting nickname, TCU’s first ever, and the wild Big 12 trend that could continue.





The OSU team remains surprisingly more upbeat than most fans would probably expect (or want them to be). (NewsOK)

Clay Travis mentions Gundy, Stoops, and Briles for the soon-to-be-open Florida job. I’m not real concerned about Gundy going to Florida. (Fox SW)

The best way to watch a football game, I’m convinced, is from the stadium, but in a pressbox or suite. You get to watch the game live, but you have access to televisions and its many replays. (NewsOK)

Joe Randle has an underwear endorsement now. Of course he does. (PFB)

I’ll sell on Spencer leaving within two years. I don’t think that’s happening. (CRFF)

TCU had a 400-yard passer (410, Trevone Boykin), 200-yard receiver (225, Josh Doctson) and 100-yard rusher (102, B.J. Catalon) for the first time in school history. (Big 12 Sports)

Juwan Offray and Jhajuan Seales were arrested for being asleep and intoxicated in a Whataburger drive-thru. (PFB)

Mike Yurcich is “tickled pink” about his new walk-on freshman center. (NewsOK)

The best of Week 8 in the Big 12. (PFB)

There’s nothing, not one element of the game, that this year’s Cowboys can hang Pistol Pete’s hat on. (Tulsa World)

The Cowboys had been decent in obvious passing downs before TCU. They were awful against the Frogs. You can’t expect to convert a high percentage of third-and-longs or second-and-longs. But when you have a spread passing attack, you have to convert some. (NewsOK)

Notes on Mike Gundy’s Monday presser include science, math, and weather reports. (PFB)

Let’s be honest: The Cowboys did well to last this long. Mike Gundy’s roster is full of baby-faced, albeit talented, youngsters who don’t know what they’re doing but kept finding a way to win. (ESPN)

Amazing comment on the Whataburger story on Big Lead: If this had been Jameis Winston and the Tallahassee P.D., they would have driven him home and tucked him into bed. (Big Lead)

I feel legitimately bad for Michael Hunnicut. (Fox SW)

Hah, Tennessee’s coaches can’t even successfully trip opposing players. (CBS Sports)

Five different teams have taken the Big 12 title in the past five years (Texas in 2009, Oklahoma in 2010, Oklahoma State in 2011, Kansas State in 2012, and Baylor in 2013), and TCU and West Virginia have given every indication that they’re up for extending the trend. (Grantland)

JW probably won’t be back this season. (PFB)

The Boz!!!



Elijah Thomas picks a school today. If he chooses OSU that means Travis Ford will have gotten the two best players in the state of Texas… (PFB)

Mike Cobbins calls Jeffrey Carroll “clip” because he can shoot all day. Not sure whether that’s the greatest or worst thing ever. (NewsOK)

Ford is second on this list of coaches who need to win now. Although I’m not sure that buyout is correct. (Yahoo)

I would be stunned if Leyton Hammonds wasn’t a starter this season. (Tulsa World)

Nobody wants to play with Kobe Bryant. (Deadspin)

Other sports

Monday in Stillwater was busy. Here’s John Smith previewing the wrestling season. (okstate)

Also Eddie Kilmara was reinstated to the team after being arrested for possession of cocaine. (O’Colly)

More stuff I’m reading

What’s next for Netflix. Good stuff here. (New Yorker)

This man’s simple system could transform American medicine. (Wired)

A cure for hyper-parenting. I don’t agree with all of this (specifically the over-scheduling) but it’s at least thought-provoking and I’m a big fan of the woman who wrote it. (NYT)

In defense of sports. Not an article for everyone but those of you who enjoy it will really enjoy it. (Desiring God)

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