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Bullets: How OSU’s track program is affecting its football team

Iowa State’s horrific unis, Big 12 efficiency, and the Daxx Garman Deep Ball Experience.





Diego Flaquer has a goal. He wants to see a 400-meter relay team composed of Oklahoma State football players. (Tulsa World)

I like Berry’s efficiency ratings a lot. OSU’s defensive number is stranger than its offensive one to me. (NewsOK)

The Big 10 is now guaranteeing scholarships across all sports for the duration of time an athlete is in school. That’s huge. (CBS Sports)

Good film study here from one of our new contributors. He looks at both of Josh Furman’s sacks last week in depth. (PFB)

Recruiting help, coming. The absence of Joe Wickline as offensive line coach doesn’t mean the position isn’t as important at Oklahoma State. If anything, it means position play is even more vital. The Cowboys might rely on junior college commits Deya Mhiesenand Brandon Pertile early, but players such as four-star Johnny Wilson and three-starJoshua Jones are expected to be major contributors. (ESPN Insider)

Does OSU’s speed and athleticism wear teams down. (PFB)

OSU has moved one of its team doctors to the press box. In light of the Michigan mess that’s probably a good thing. (NewsOK)

The Daxx Garman Deep Ball Experience will get plenty of play against the Jayhawks’ outmanned secondary. (Fox SW)

Ranking the difficulty of OSU’s remaining schedule. (PFB)

Iowa State’s unis on Saturday are something special. And not in a good way. (CBS Sports)

Seth Jacobs on coaching youth teams. I think more as a person. It helps you with patience a lot when you’re dealing with kids that are 10 years old. It was fun to do and I liked doing it. It was cool.” (ESPN)

That 5-star DT OSU is chasing thinks Stillwater is “beautiful.” (NewsOK)

It would be fun to see what Gundy could do with a fertile recruiting base and even more resources than T. Boone Pickens can provide. And as those in the industry continue to tell me, internal strife with the school’s administration is what could ultimately lead him to part ways with his alma mater. (ESPN Insider)

And you guys get mad at ME for this stuff! (PFB)

What OSU might do if Daxx loses his helmet. (Tulsa World)

I am outraged by this! (no I’m not, that’s what I expected). (Vice Sports)

How many times has OSU won and OU lost on the same day? (PFB)

Oh my gosh they’re making a 30 for 30 about the Boz! Via Nolan Cox. (ESPN)

Let’s just all be glad that goaltending in football does not exist. (CRFF)

Roll Tide. AJ McCarron can’t keep his mouth shut and then points fingers at the media because that’s what you do when you can’t keep your mouth shut. (FTW)

Seems legit.



Tomorrow = Thursday (as in today). Any guesses on OSU? I’ll say 7th.

Other sports

Rickie Fowler is probably dating this model. Thumbs down. (CBS Sports)

More stuff I’m reading

I’ve been really into food of late so maybe I’m alone in loving this but I thought this post on what children around the world eat for breakfast was awesome. (NYT)

Jennifer Lawrence calls her stolen photos a “sex crime”….while posing sexually on the cover of Vanity Fair. Intriguing interview. (Vanity Fair)

Interesting look at what kids can and can’t handle in nonfiction books. (NYT)

Are kids over Facebook? Why are all of my “more stuff I’m reading” articles about kids today? (Washington Post)

Good stuff here about having envy in regards to the success of others. Via Michael Lane. (99U)


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