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Bullets: Let’s all appreciate the work of Emmanual Ogbah

Mack Brown to SMU, OSU safeties re-live their mishaps, and the black cloud that’s lifted from Joe DeForest.





Must read on Kevin Peterson here. (O’Colly)

I did a podcast with Pete Mundo who has a cool Big 12 sports blog to talk about Joe Wickline and how OSU’s season is going. (Heartland College Sports)

I’m not totally sure we’re appreciating what Emmanuel Ogbah is doing this season. (NewsOK)

Five random storylines for the OSU-WVU game. (PFB)

SMU wants to offer Mack Brown $4M a year and part of it stems from them wanting to get into the Big 12? (CBS Sports)

Ryan Simmons: “There’s nothing more motivating than your own failure.” (NewsOK)

Poll results: OSU fans are concerned about making a bowl game. (PFB)

OSU’s safeties re-tell their mishaps from the TCU game. (Tulsa World)

Dana Holgorsen discovers kicking is a part of football. (PFB)

The Mountaineers can wear down Oklahoma State’s young defense with their methodically efficient passing attack. (ESPN)

Joe DeForest didn’t sleep for four days when the SI report came out even though he knew he was innocent? (NewsOK)

Homecoming means a flurry of recruits are headed to Stillwater. (PFB)

F/+ says WVU by a TD. (Football Study Hall)

But sometimes, even arranged marriages can lead to true love. And romance certainly has bloomed on the Appalachian side of the Big 12. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State is suing pretty much everybody. (PFB)

Great look at the Koenig history of football at OSU (only post-Vietnam War stuff is shown).


It seems like a bad thing to need surgery on both hips. (CBS Sports)

This moving up of a regular season game for a terminally ill basketball player is tremendous. (Yahoo)

John Lucas signed with the Washington Professional Basketball Team. (NBA)

Yeah this was pretty cool.


More stuff I’m reading

Man vs. Machine — I watched this mini-documentary on Thursday. It’s pretty good. (538)

Why I’m giving Wikipedia $6 a month. (Wired)

Ty Duffy is a pretty underrated writer. I don’t even care about New York but I enjoyed this piece on 19 things he won’t miss about it. (Big Lead)

What I learned from spending 31 days underwater.

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