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Bullets: A look back at National Signing Day

The Nash dunk is still crazy, the goal for baseball is definitely Omaha and the OSU women are struggling.




The Texas win

It’s going to take a couple more quality wins for the Cowboys to reach the Tournament, but that will really help their case. (CBS)

Notes and thoughts on the win. (PFB)

You get the feeling Nash might think the basketball gods actually exist. (NewsOK)

Ford with some truth here: “Other guys, like [Anthony] Hickey stepped up. [Jeff] Newberry early in the first half stepped up. Tyree Griffin came in and gave us some points. That’s what we need.” (Scout)

The Oklahoma State loss had to be the most galling of all because Texas fought to overcome a double-digit halftime deficit only to fall anyway. (Yahoo)

I forgot to mention it in the 10 Thoughts last night but the end-of-OT play with Forte driving and getting the foul was about 299x better than the “stand around and jack a 3” offense we usually see. Kudos to Travis Ford for that.

That Nash dunk

It made the rounds. (Deadspin) (Yahoo) (ESPN) (SB Nation) (Big Lead) (FTW)

Here are all three clips. (PFB)

Potentially the best was when it was played on the Longhorn Network and A.J. Abrams saying “good god” in the background. (Vine)

Singing day stuff

So…John Kolar is awesome. (NewsOK)

This is a really interesting quote from Kolar’s mom: “Coach (Mike) Gundy and coach (Mike) Yurcich, one thing we liked about them is they are very secure, they do their own analysis. They don’t have to wait until someone else legitimizes him.” (NewsOK)

OSU gets a “B-” for its class. Same as WVU, Baylor, Tech and TCU. (ESPN)

It does feel like OSU is really recruiting some big athletic dudes it never used to get. The class ranking isn’t high but I think Gundy is fine with that. (NewsOK)

Three Big 12 teams were among those that fell the most in recruiting rankings on NSD. (CBS)

Cool read here on Taaj Bakari from Mark Cooper. Talks about why Stillwater felt like home. (Tulsa World)

10 thoughts on National Signing Day for OSU. (PFB)

I love when Gundy talks about digital media. Here he is on why dudes are changing schools: “There were a lot of guys changing their mind and changing schools, and I think the reason for that is because of the internet — the information that’s out there, instant messaging, Twitter, direct messaging and all that.” (NewsOK)

Notes on Mike Gundy’s NSD presser. (PFB)

Thank God for the SEC Network. (Big Lead)

This was mentioned on Wednesday.

Chris Carson is the centerpiece

Was this Hadley fella the Forte to Carson’s Smart? (Tulsa World)

Mike Gundy reportedly took Barry’s Heisman to Georgia to shut down Chris Carson. 🙂 (PFB)

Carson answered the bell and figures to be more ready as a junior college talent. He’ll have opportunities and don’t be surprised if he leads OSU in rushing next fall. (Fox SW)

The Joe Randle saga

Joe Randle was arrested on Wednesday morning. (PFB)

But he wasn’t taken to jail which caused some confusion with his agent. (NewsOK)

Other sporting things

I picked Fowler to win the Farmers this weekend at Torrey. (CBS)

Tiger…zero clues. (CBS)

The OSU women got crushed last night. (ESPN)

Steph had 51 last night. Five. One. (Deadspin)

Baseball is comin’

Omaha is definitely the goal, not just make it to Omaha, but win the whole thing. (O’Colly)

Josh Holliday previews the season.

Tom Brady reads

The Simmons retro-diary is great (obviously). (Grantland)

This on the difference between lucky and good is even better. (Grantland)

Here’s Brady losing his mind after the game-winning pick, btw. (Deadspin)

More stuff I’m reading

A look back at some of National Geographic’s coolest maps. (Kottke)

Five American habits I kicked in Finland. (Atlantic)


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