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Bullets: Does OSU have the most pessimistic fans?

Berry on Dana is great, more uni stuff (!), and Austin Hays on the difference between JW and Daxx.





David Ubben said OSU has the most pessimistic fans about their own team. (Fox SW)

This is the most understated headline ever. It was painful to watch the Fightin’ Buffalo Wild Wings Pullovers last night. (Big 12 Sports)

Justin Southwell is ranking 22 uniforms OSU hasn’t worn yet. Here are his worst five. (PFB)

Berry on Dana: He’s making his own bed now — or, more likely, just letting it go — and it’s a soft landing. (NewsOK)

Good roundup of stuff you need to know from Mike Gundy’s Thursday press conference. (PFB)

After hearing Gundy speak after the game it became very obvious to me that this was an open practice – just a scrimmage between two schools. (CRFF)

This might be the funniest thing that’s ever appeared on this blog. (PFB)

Cool story on Seth Jacobs here. Sounds like he almost left early in his career. (NewsOK)

Texas Tech’s defensive coordinator “resigned” on Thursday. As one friend texted me: “doesn’t that usually happen AFTER they play us?” (CBS Sports)

Our expectations for the season sure have changed quite a bit. (PFB)

Interesting look at a statistically advanced power rankings. OSU not good, Baylor No. 1. (SB Nation)

Austin Hays: “Scrambling, you’ve got to get ready to block for J.W. Daxx, you’ve got to be ready to look for the ball. It’s a little different.” No kidding. (Tulsa World)

I wrote about Kansas yesterday and about how badly they’re trending. (PFB)

Gundy with some interesting thoughts here on the Ray Rice/AD stuff. (NewsOK)

This dart Daxx throws Ateman on a slant over the middle — I’ve watched it 20+ times. (PFB)

The Devin Hester Deion move last night was tremendous (Deadspin)

Sometimes (most of the time?) I feel bored out of my mind when Yurcich is talking.


College basketball coaches drama! (CBS Sports)

Other sports

I did a podcast with the guys at No Laying Up about the Ryder Cup. Rickie Fowler is the only guy I trust on the team, apparently. (No Laying Up)

More stuff I’m reading

What are you seeking at work? (Godin)

State Fair time lapse video.

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