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Bullets: Travis Ford and the magic wand

How we should judge Travis Ford, six straight for OSU baseball and the 30 best names in the NCAA Tournament.





Join the PFB bracket challenge. Here’s what you could win. (PFB)

Here’s an exchange with Oregon’s basketball beat writer. It’s really insightful into how Oregon operates (they’re terrible defensively). (NewsOK)

Ford: “Every year is different. We’re going to do everything we possibly can (to win). If I could wave a magic wand, we’d be sitting in the Final Four. That’s not the way it works. Now to the normal fan it is.” Haha, we just want to see the first weekend, Travis! (Scout)

Really good Phil Forte column here. Still, an appeal to Saint Anthony — the patron saint of lost things — might not hurt, with Oklahoma State heading toward Friday’s game against Oregon in the NCAA Tournament. (NewsOK)

Le’Bryan Nash: “You’ve got to have better leadership,” Nash said. “That would mean me and Cobb and Phil.” (NewsOK)

What matchup advantages does Oklahoma State have against Oregon? (Tulsa World)

Here’s the Ford interview:

Hoops misc.

Travis Ford thinks you should judge him not just by the NCAA Tournament. That’s a problem. (PFB)

In researching that post, by the way, I happened upon the 20 preseason predictions I made in the preseason, by the way, here they are. Kind of fun to look back on. (PFB)

This is a great. Shot charts on the most interesting teams in the tournament. All the corner 3s for Iowa State. (CBS)

The 30 best names of the NCAA Tournament. OSU has one. (Big Lead)

Forte is the Cowboys’ beating heart: Were there a stat that tracked how much ground a player covers in a given game, Forte would basically be Michael Bradley. (Grantland)

What most people are picking in their brackets. This is well done. (Yahoo)

Kyrie sent Duke’s team new Nikes. (Yahoo)

SAE fallout

But I am here to say that the football team’s new act as OU’s campus consciousness falls short of legitimate. Where were the protests when violence struck their fellow female students, some at the hands of teammates? (NewsOK)

Baseball things

OSU won again last night. Six in a row for the Pokes. (okstate)

Oklahoma State’s Josh Holliday became the second-fastest OSU skipper to reach 100 wins. He is now one of six coaches in Cowboy history to reach the century mark in victories. (Big 12 Sports)

March has been so much better than February for OSU (in baseball, not basketball). (PFB)

Love these around the horns…

Other sports

A bracket of the most colorfully-dressed golfers in the world. Guess who wins… (CBS)

Previewing the NCAA Wrestling Championship (Part 2). (PFB)

More stuff I’m reading

Why you should take “actually” out of your vocabulary. (99U)

This app tracks your entire life. It looks intriguing. (Saddington)

The heart-stopping climbs of Alex Honnold. (New York Times)

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