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Bullets: Tyreek Hill’s story is pretty awesome

Amazing Finebaum GIF, Tebow does OBC impression, Cactus Bowl bound (?), and OSU is a shameful powerhouse.





Must, must, must read on Tyreek Hill. Where he came from, what he was like growing up, and what his limits are. Awesome. (O’Colly)

We almost had a uni scandal in the Vandy game on Thursday night! (CBS Sports)

None of the Big 12 coaches pay attention to advanced stats. Only a few of them even pay attention to stats at all. It seems like there’s some value to be gleaned in there somewhere. (Fox SW)

I can’t stop watching this GIF of Finebaum breaking the SEC Network desk from Thursday night. (Yahoo)

Here’s a preview of what OSU’s offensive line is going to look like this season. (PFB)

Jimbo Fisher is 3-3 against the Big 12. Cool post here. (NewsOK)

Has anyone in the country gone on record as picking OSU? I haven’t seen it if it’s happened. (ESPN)

If we’re playing Texas A&M in a bowl game I’m going to be pretty stoked. (NewsOK)

Your Week 1 watch guide. (PFB)

Oh my — Tebow does an insane Steve Spurrier impression! (Yahoo)

If Oklahoma State records an upset victory, Spencer in one night will have earned every cent of the $550,000 he’ll be paid this year. (Tulsa World)

ESPN has OSU in the Cactus Bowl. Hey, it’s a January 2nd game! (ESPN)

I went game by game and I have OSU finishing at 8-4. Maybe I’m crazy but it didn’t feel like a stretch to get there. Maybe I just think this team is going to be better than it actually is. (PFB) Remember, OSU’s over/under is 7.5 (PFB)

Tremendous Q&A here between Tomahawk Nation and CRFF if you want a deep dive on what FSU fans are thinking going into this game. (CRFF)

Down to the top three in the uni rankings. (PFB)

Burt Reynolds and Lee Corso were FSU teammates and roommates in 1954. Who would ever guess than when Burt Reynolds was on the cover of Cosmopolitan and starring with Sally Field in “Smokey & the Bandit” in the 1970s that Corso would have more staying power in American pop culture? (NewsOK)

Navy’s new unis are boss. Maybe the tightest thing Under Armour has ever done? (CBS Sports)

OSU as a shameful powerhouse — up there with OU, Bama, and FSU. Nice. (Deadspin)

Zac Veatch used to be a tight end. I didn’t realize that. (NewsOK)

Thanks to gobs and gobs of starts lost to graduation and otherwise expired eligibility, it’s unfair to expect Oklahoma State to look like a complete team right away, however high our expectations for this program will be come November (and we do expect the Cowboys to contend with Oklahoma and Baylor for top conference honors). (Grantland)

I did a Q&A with a Florida State blog on what to expect this weekend. Karlos Williams = big problem. (Chant Rant)

F/+ has us covering this weekend. I do like that. (Football Study Hall)

My wish list for the 2014 season. (PFB)

One more time.


OSU is in the final five of a big man from Wisconsin who looks like Zach Randolph. His name, I’m not kidding, is Diamond Stone. (PFB)

By the way, the guy who wrote that post is named Kyle Boone (not a fake name!) and he’ll be contributing to our recruiting news this season. (PFB)

Travis Ford got some good news earlier this week. Another shooter. (NewsOK)

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The OSU golf team is starting its season at Pebble Beach which is, you know, pretty amazing. (okstate)

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