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Bullets: Van Malone takes a coach with him to SMU

Deep S&P+ dive, Kobe remains insane, should somebody on the selection committee be coaching a bowl game?





Van Malone is raiding the cupboard! (NewsOK)

This mad OU fan is so, so mad. This sort of went viral yesterday. It’s a must watch (and I say that as someone who isn’t a fan of long videos). (PFB)

Berry Tramel argues here that Ohio State’s resume was superior to TCU’s and Baylor’s. I think it all depends on which angle you look at it from which is why all three teams should be considered equal which is why tOSU got in. (NewsOK)

We need to talk about that fourth quarter and OT one more time. I went back and re-watched it and wrote about it here. Includes a ton of screenshots and GIFs. Zach Sanchez did the “hands up, don’t shoot” celebration! (PFB)

It’s probably good that there’s somebody on the selection committee coaching a bowl game, right? (CBS)

OSU has the fourth-highest paid assistant staff in the Big 12. (PFB)

Everything you need to know about the bowl game lives here. (okstate)

OSU didn’t have a Big 12 fall scholar-athlete of the year (sort of a misnomer anyway, eh?) (Big 12 Sports)

Ranking the 2014 regular season uniforms. (PFB)

So Pitt’s coach is going to take the Wisconsin job….and use it to slingshot himself (Justin Gilbert-style) into the Alabama job in two years? (CBS)

A deep dive on S&P+. (Football Study Hall)

Grogan coaches Hunnicutt in kicking. (PFB)

I have a feeling Nick Saban would eat a LIVE gator to get a big-time recruit to Tuscaloosa. (Yahoo)

OU is three points worse than OSU when they have their worst team since 2005, a third string freshman QB, and one of the youngest secondaries in the nation. But that’s none of my business… (CRFF)

Tulsa hires Baylor’s offensive coordinator. (CBS)

Hey Baylor:

Dez had his third child on Thursday. (Fox SW)

This happened at some point since last Saturday…

Cam Newton thinks he’s on God’s fantasy team. (Big Lead)


Richard Dumas pleads guilty to theft in Phoenix. (NewsOK)

The worst jump shot of all time. (Deadspin)

Iowa State’s second-leading scorer and rebounder was arrested on Thursday¬†because of drugs. No worries though, I’m sure somebody will transfer at semester and slide right in to his spot. (Yahoo)

For whatever reason it’s just now registering with me that OSU shot 25 percent (!) from the field last week against South Carolina. (CRFF)

That, by the way, is the worst number under Travis Ford in the last five seasons. (CBB Reference)

Here’s the least surprising string of Kobe quotes ever. (Deadspin)

Thunder, back? (Daily Thunder)

I loved this:

Travis Ford on the Memphis game which is tomorrow.

Other sports

Will Tyreek be participating in this? (okstate)

If you want to get tickets for the First Pitch Banquet you can do so here. (okstate)

Andrew Heaney’s Dodgers career is up there with Koufax and Drysdale. (PFB)

More stuff I’m reading

These Spidermen men are insane! (Gizmodo)

If you’re a mom you’ll laugh at this. If you know a mom, send it to her. (KFOR)

Charts for people obsessed with Serial. Via Bryan Jackson (Bold Italic)

If you want to get better at what you do become friends with more talented people than you. Couldn’t agree more. (99U)

I actually started taking more walks than I used to after reading this so I agree with what Seth Godin says here. (Godin)

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