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Daily Bullets (Apr. 18): Most Viewed of the Week, 3-2-1, Lose Football or Basketball Season?



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Ah, the weekend. We decided to push back potty-training our two-year-olds for another week. Cheers!

Bullets Rundown

• Boynton’s idea for a season and well-thought-out response
• Less players = more Boynton exposure

Three Observations

• Mike Boynton had two comments worth taking note of: both a great idea and a wise protocol to follow.

“You maybe push basketball back and instead of starting in November or December, maybe it doesn’t start until January or February. Or it starts in March and ends in May, in a condensed version.”

This is Boynton wondering aloud, not proclaiming or even planning. He says he isn’t to that point yet. He says he will leave particulars of hard decisions to folks “about 18 levels above me, starting with ADs and presidents, chancellors and conference commissioners.” [TulsaWorld]

I love the idea of starting in January – get the heck away from football and relish in the spring to yourself. I also like Boynton’s humility and how he deferred to those above him.

• It goes a bit without saying but Mike Boynton’s recruiting style resonates with his players.

“I think our relationship played a part in that. I think it’s played a part with a lot of these guys. I’ve tried to be pretty consistent recruiting them myself, and I’ve done it with pretty much our whole roster at this point now, starting with [Isaac] Likekele and [Yor] Anei and the [Boone] twins and all those guys.

I think our relationship one-on-one was a big part of it, and he felt most comfortable coming here at the end of the day.” [PFB]

Basketball is really unique in that one coach has the capability to get to know a lot of players and potential players well. That’s an impossible concept in football but it plays perfectly into who Mike Boynton is.

Two Quotes

• Potentially the best recruiting class in OSU history? Mike Boynton says to get to work.

“I tell those kids all the time, I’ll give them a couple days to let them enjoy the love and adoration our fans give to them,” he said. “At some point, that’s over.

“It’s time to get to work.” [NewsOK]

• This comment from a former player (also the father of a former player) about Eddie Sutton says something about who he is and how he coached.

“He dressed very nicely. He spoke very eloquently. At practices, he was tough, he could be really tough, but he wasn’t crude, wasn’t demeaning. There was a good respect, a little bit of separation, a little bit of fear.” [NewsOK]

One Question

• It’s a bit like “which of your children do you like better?” but it needs to be asked: would you rather lose football or basketball season this year? 

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1: Donovan Williams commits to the Pokes
• No. 2: Greg Brown’s dad likes the idea of pairing with Cade
• No. 3: JT Thor commits to Auburn over OSU
• No. 4: Victor Voinovich commits to OSU
• No. 5: Mike Gundy’s bad apology

Non-OSU Bullets

• Getting a little science-y but this is what causes the “scent” of spring
• This story about empty NYC airports is wild – five percent of last year’s traffic!
• How European countries are lifting their lockdowns
• I liked this poem on “Youth” – good if you’re feeling the drag of the virus

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