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Daily Bullets (Dec. 3): Long Time Since the Pokes Lost More Than They Won

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

Three Thoughts

• It’s tough to watch the purple teams faceoff in Arlington today without feeling “the team that beat Texas at homecoming should be at that game” – something in context: it’s been 17 years since OSU lost more games than it lost.

Expectations are everything – ask the folks in Lubbock how happy they are about a 7-5 finish

• Love that the Pokes are trying to capitalize on the TU coaching change by offering these two guys:
OSU offered TU’s leading tackler
OSU offered TU’s all-conference defensive end

• I’ve read this release multiple times over – still not sure what is happening at Boone Pickens Stadium for $55M. Contoured seats with more aisles? More exits. We have to find a new word for that not “vomitories”.

Two Quotes

• What an incredible moment for the Gundy family as the youngest of Mike’s sons wins Stillwater their first state title since 1968:

This quote from Cowboy Football’s equipment manager is great – loves to keep the fans guessing.

“It’s good to keep everybody guessing,” Williams said. “I think that keeps the interest and attention there. It’s been a unique way to add a fun week for the game. Everybody looks forward to gameday. Everybody enjoys gameday, but to be able to be a topic throughout the week and keep people guessing or talking and see people invest that much into trying to predict what we’re going to wear, it’s been an interesting few years to see that develop.”

One Question

• Did you want to see Lincoln Riley and USC win the Pac-12 last night?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 Twitter melted down after the WV loss

• No. 2 Did Spencer Sanders play his last game at Oklahoma State?

• No. 3 What Mike Gundy had to say after the West Virginia game

• No. 4 OSU announced a $55M renovation of Boone Pickens Stadium

• No. 5 Ten Thoughts on the West Virginia loss

Non-OSU Bullets

How to watch the US play the Netherlands in the World Cup this morning, previewing the match
• The joy of Christian duty (faith-based)

The Pokes are eligible for this bowl:

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