Daily Bullets (July 15)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Glenn’s STARs

A little heady but college football offense’s using run-pass options are forcing defenses to evolve, per Glenn Spencer.

Every play is a run and every play is a pass and you have to defend them that way. It really effects safety help more than linebacker, if that makes sense. The extra guy (for run support) is going to come from the secondary, a safety. [GoPokes $]

I’m no Thomas F. but OSU’s defense has been best with a talented safety in run support (Jordan Sterns, Markelle Martin) and an athletic STAR linebacker (Andre Sexton, Shaun Lewis).

Up Charge

The Oklahoman dug up the cost for OSU to wear five helmets… woof.

When OSU introduced several alternative uniform combinations starting back in 2010, it needed an increased financial commitment from the university. In the 2016-17 fiscal year (July through June), OSU allocated $261,936.85 for helmets, according to records provided by a university spokesman. [NewsOK]

Gotta spend money to make money and it costs a pretty penny lots of pretty pennies to look as good as the Cowboys do on Saturdays.

OSU and NCAA Notes

This is great: hypothetical NCAA Football 2018 rankings (Glenn won’t be impressed)….Berry Tramel on a 14-week college football schedule….Quick video (2 mins) on what would cause the CFB playoff to expand….NCAA Tourney Committee is redefining a quality win

Gundy will never run out of guys who can bring down the deep ball.

Rickie’s tied for sixth at the Scottish Open after Friday

Garth’s the best.

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