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Daily Bullets (May 16): Most Viewed of the Week, 3-2-1, OSU’s All-Blacks are Tops, Football Makes Its Own Bed



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Fun fact: Eddie Sutton’s grandson has taken over a head coaching job in the Texas high school ranks. There’s just something fun about more Coach Sutton’s being out there.

Three Thoughts

• It’s thrilling for the Pokes to land Collin Oliver, a four-star defender, which tends to be a minority on campus in Stillwater. But I never would have thought OSU did better with highly ranked defenders than offenders (offensers? offensivemen?)

OSU hasn’t always hit on high-level offensive prospects from the state (see Tramonda Moore, Grayson Boomer or John Kolar), but when they Cowboys get a highly ranked Oklahoman defender, he is usually a good one. [PFB]

• Pointed out in this week’s PFB podcast, OSU fans have become accustomed to seeing the Pokes play golf in May. Coronavirus be darned, we’ll get the Pokes playing in May… just the professional ones.

Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson will team up to face the Oklahoma State duo of Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff, and all of it will go down at historic Seminole Golf Club. [CBS Sports]

• There’s just something about Mike Gundy’s Cowboys wearing all black. One unbiased third party says it’s the best look in the Big 12.

1. Oklahoma State’s All Black

I just could not help myself. I am a sucker for all black uniforms and when you add a touch of color in them, I am all in. These are sleek, and the orange number really pops. Oklahoma State wears a ton of uniforms and while the homecoming ones are always the best, these have been a staple for years and this look never disappoints. [HCS]

It’s been said before but there’s nothing (concerning college football uniforms) that irks me more than schools who don’t have black as a color that wear all-blacks.

How clutch is it that OSU has black with orange and white? So much better than gray as a third color.

Two Quotes

• This is a key distinction about college sports and the virus: football makes its own bed.

The Power Five commissioners — (Greg) Sankey, (Larry) Scott, Bob Bowlsby (Big 12), Kevin Warren (Big Ten) and John Swofford (ACC) — and the presidents of their schools will be able to chart their own course in regard to football. Decisions on return to play for all other college sports will come from the NCAA. [Yahoo Sports]

• ESPN says Mike Boynton is the fourth-best coach under the age of 40 – primarily basing that ranking off his ability to build a situation where he can go deep in the tourney in year three.

One Question

• Would you rather sign one five-star in basketball or five five-stars in football?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1: The highest-paid professional athletes in Cowboy history
• No. 2: Former four-star receiver signs with the Pokes
• No. 3: Ray Gay commits to the Pokes
• No. 4: Massive Texas heavyweight signs with the Pokes
• No. 5: OSU reaches out to Georgetown transfer

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