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Daily Bullets (Oct. 30): OSU Loses (A) Glass, Cowboys’ Surprising Offensive Limiter

The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order.



The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order.

OSU Bullets

• OSU’s four-star running back Deondrick Glass is taking the first train out of town

• Out goes Glass – in comes this linebacker commit for the 2021 class

Cowboy Basketball is picked seventh preseason in the Big 12

• This really caught me off guard – PFF (analytics) has two pieces out (ranking Big 12 quarterbacks and limitations of playoff contenders) pointing to Spencer Sanders’ downfield game being what limits the Pokes

Of course he needs to get better at dealing downfield – I think they’re really short-selling what his legs do to open up the game for himself and Chuba Hubbard though

• This stat on OSU’s defense is a blast to read:

However, the most meaningful stat Jim Knowles’ bunch continues to excel in is getting off the field on third down. The 19 percent third-down conversion ranking is tops among Gundy defenses by 12 percentage points.


• What Texas coach Tom Herman had to say about the Pokes

• Related to the Sanders’ pieces above, is OSU using their weapons effectively?

Non-OSU Bullets

This new waterpark (literally using the Illinois River) coming to eastern Oklahoma looks awesome
• Learning what to ignore – more on this in the quote below
• Solid faith-based parenting read on how to ruin your kiddos

“Be “selectively ignorant.”

Ignore topics that drain your attention.

Unfollow people that drain your energy.

Abandon projects that drain your time.

Do not keep up with it all. The more selectively ignorant you become, the more broadly knowledgable you can be.”

James Clear

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