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Daily Bullets (Oct 9) – Quarterback Thoughts, Finding a Good 2018 Comparison



Mandeville here – well-rested and back in the saddle. Thanks again to Porter for covering for me and the Pokes for making it a good week to go off the map. 

QB Takes

I’ll come right outta the chute with my thoughts on the QB battle – Taylor Cornelius ain’t bad… but he may be a bad fit for 2018 Cowboy Football.

There will be OSU fans who demand a quarterback change, but not even a Brandon Weeden or a Rudolph or a Tom Brady would thrive behind this OSU offensive line.

If Cowboy QB Taylor Cornelius had worn a pedometer on Saturday, his scrambling steps easily would have been in the 200-yard neighborhood.

Cornelius, Gundy said, was “running for his life.”

Actually, Cornelius wasn’t bad on Saturday. He passed for 289 yards and four touchdowns. [TulsaWorld]

An offense with a… deficient line will struggle to do much of anything. But how would an offense with a more dynamic quarterback fare? That’s my thing – behind a solid line TC could deliver quarterback play necessary to win a healthy amount of ballgames. But I think a quarterback with more agility, a more dynamic runner would be better suited.

P.S.: can’t we just come up with lots of two-second passes to call for like Tech does? It’s fine if we want to make Iowa State look like the Steel Curtain but I’d rather we just call for some quicker routes.

Even or Odd?

If you’re trying to link up the 2018 Cowboy Football season with a team from previous years, it’s hard to point at a season in the last five, six-years as most similar.

Saturday confirmed one thing: This won’t be 2013. While both teams had a fifth-year senior at quarterback (Clint Chelf and Taylor Cornelius) and a first-year defensive coordinator (Glenn Spencer and Jim Knowles), this year’s team has already matched the number of regular-season losses that the 2013 squad had.

The 48-42 loss to Iowa State drops Oklahoma State to 1-2 in Big 12 play for the first time since 2006. It isn’t something fans are used to, and their consternation showed in the empty seats and angry tweets.

But there needs to be a little perspective: This isn’t 2014, either. I covered the 2014 team, my first on the beat. Against a decent defense, like the one Iowa State brought to Stillwater on Saturday, it couldn’t move the ball. Its five consecutive losses came by an average of 24.6 points. [TulsaWorld]

Too prolific for a 2014 offense but not successful enough to sniff 2013’s win total.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Alabama’s Tua is having an insane season….How “The Rant” led to Lincoln Riley’s hiring at ECU….Ian Boyd takes a look at K-State’s struggles this year….Big 12’s playoff hopes aren’t looking great

Early tipoff for Bedlam Basketball in Norman.

Boone can use it as a paper-weight…

Or maybe steal a page from John Smith’s book – a door stop.

This four-star safety that OSU went after is back on the trail again.

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