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Bullets: Is OSU’s defense inconsistent?

Ryan Simmons watches college football just like you and Baylor-TCU will be icy.





Agree with this — that Sugar Bowl seems like an aberration. (NewsOK)

Breaking down the Tyreek Hill kick return. (PFB)

John Klein thinks OSU’s defense needs to become more consistent. I was going to rip him at first but it’s true that OSU isn’t even in the top 40 in points allowed per drive with the tough part of its schedule forthcoming. That will be interesting to keep an eye on. (Tulsa World)

Baylor lost one of its best defensive linemen on Saturday. (CBS Sports)

Ryan Simmons said he did exactly what all of us did on Saturday — tried to keep up with three crazy endings at one time. (NewsOK)

Mike Yurcich stays off Twitter — good to know. (Scout)

Lots of folks angry at me saying that Baylor or OU is going to win the Big 12 and that OU’s loss to TCU doesn’t matter because of it. Unless Kansas State sneaks into Waco or Norman or TCU wins this weekend then it’s true. Sorry. (PFB)

Iowa State’s AD got a $25,000 fine. Money he could have used to recruit a halfway decent QB! (Big 12 Sports)

Good roundup of what OSU guys did in the NFL last week. (PFB)

Yurcich says OSU needs to be more creative in its run game here but then has said multiple times that he likes keeping the playbook simple. (Tulsa World)

Thanks for reminding me of two games between top 10 teams on Saturday, Fredrickson. Although I do agree it will be fun to watch the kids play in Lawrence. (NewsOK)

OSU had a 5-star DT in town for the ISU game. Would be a monster get. (PFB)

Northwestern’s gothic uniforms are not that cool. (CBS Sports)

Trevor Knight has a girlfriend.

The Mike Gundy-OU contractor case is headed back to court. Can’t somebody just write this guy a check and make him go away? (NewsOK)

Gundy had a quietly hilarious press conference on Monday. Doesn’t know why he kept Weeden or Dan Bailey and doesn’t know who would take snaps if Daxx lost his helmet. (PFB)

I forgot about how much Baylor and TCU hate each other. This weekend will be icy. (Fox SW)

Ole Miss got fined $50,000 for storming the field and its AD joked that students should sell their boat shoes to pay for it. (CBS Sports)

Tyler Ames did a great job recapping Week 6 in the Big 12. That Tech GIF! (PFB)


Jhajuan Seales’ weekly media interview.

Here’s Spencer too.


You guys aren’t going to believe this but not many publications are big on OSU this season. OU at No. 18 here, though. (Yahoo)

Great stuff from Royce on what the new NBA TV deal means for the Thunder’s future. (Daily Thunder)

Other sports

Wow, a 35-year-old former OSU wrestler died of cancer recently. (Team USA)

Rickie Fowler’s life seems fun. (okstate)

Fowler is mentioned here — he’s turning into a homeless man’s Tiger in terms of how much he’s covered.

More stuff I’m reading

The O’Colly is doing some important work about rape on college campuses. Start here with this story about Ashley and Haley. (O’Colly)

And OSU’s VP of student affairs asked the O’Colly if it really cared about the issue or if it just “wanted to run a story.” Wow! (O’Colly)

Not reading but I stumbled upon this podcast produced by This American Life yesterday and it is tremendous. (Serial Podcast)

Bill Simmons makes over $3 million a year? (Big Lead)

This on AD was tough to read — mostly because I like him but also because it’s probably a microcosm of many athletes as a whole which is never fun to think about. (Star Tribune)

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