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Daily Bullets (Apr. 11): Most Viewed of the Week, 3-2-1, Let Coaches Be Coaches and Doctors Be Doctors



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Of course – hours after I publish a title for the Bullets about a player committing on Monday, news leaks that he’s committing to a school on Sunday.

Bullets Rundown

• Qualifying Gundy’s remarks
• An OSU lineup with Thor

Two Thoughts

Regardless of what side you land on about Mike Gundy’s comments, I think these comments bear weight on our perspective of the remarks. Try to hold the negative judgment for Gundy and Dabo Swinney aside as you evaluate.

…(T)he larger issue is not that Dabo Swinney and Mike Gundy and anyone else said and did things that are incredibly, obnoxiously dumb or false; rather, it’s the idea that right or wrong, their opinions on anything beyond coaching football real good have some kind of authority before they demonstrate it. [11 Warriors]

I think my opinion most lines up with the above – I would pay good money to listen to Gundy to hear about football or leadership. I enjoy his parenting allegories. I pay annually to watch him coach football very well.

But hearing his opinion on how the country should handle a pandemic shouldn’t bear much weight at all. And I almost think asking football coaches these kinds of questions is a not-too-distant cousin of entrapment. Asking a public figure a non-sensical question and then roasting them for their opinion doesn’t sit well.

• Woo buddy – JT Thor is coming for your at-home Easter celebration: he’s deciding on Sunday at 11am CST.

A college basketball defense in Stillwater would consist of the following:

Guard – Cade Cunningham, 6’7″, 215 pounds
Guard – Isaac Likekele, 6’4, 215 pounds
Forward – JT Thor, 6’8″, 195 pounds
Center – Yor Anei, 6’10”, 235 pounds

You go smallball and shoot with the 6’3″ Ferron Flavors or you can go complete beast mode and put the 6’9″, 205-pound Kalib Boone. Avery Anderson is an absolute on ball pest.

Here’s the what-if: how nasty would that starting lineup be with the 6’6″ Marcus Watson? 

Two Quotes

Are the Cowboys *legitimately* perceived as someone with the brand equity to be a playoff team in 2020?

“So I just if you’re expecting the Big 12 to get somebody in and that’s certainly not a given, but more likely than not the Big 12 will have somebody in. If it’s anyone but Oklahoma I think it’s gonna be Texas or Oklahoma State. Little early to go off the board with Oklahoma State, but I like my chances there of them having a good season.” [247 Sports]

If anybody from the Big 12 is in the conversation, it’s the Sooners and longshots in Austin and Stillwater. Even further out from there is the field.

• With unemployment at an all-time high in Oklahoma, it begs the observation about if fans will be able to afford the season ticket they historically have.

For even the most loyal of fans — for whom football Saturdays are the best of all days — difficult adjustments and decisions are ahead. [TulsaWorld]

One Question

• Chewing on that 8.5 over/under – what three-non OU teams could you see OSU losing to?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1: Mike Gundy Out of His World
• No. 2: Eddie Got In!
• No. 3: Gundy Crushed for Remarks
• No. 4: Sean and Scott Sutton Respond
• No. 5: Five Thoughts on Eddie’s Induction

Non-OSU Bullets

• These two faith-based reads were good – calling to create or cultivate rather than consume and how we can shape a new “normal” after the virus
• Best Masters’ finishes in history
• Always like to read these – skills for the modern gentlemen

Finished this C.S. Lewis fiction called “The Great Divorce” – realllly good.

This on explanations of the US hospital ships was good:

Most Read