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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (Apr. 27): Top Thoughts from the Week, Spencer Sanders’ Chances



I was really hoping the Patriots would take Justice Hill at 87 – anytime somebody with a name starting with a “J” got drafted, I was positive it was Justice.

Bullets Rundown

• Sooners went after a Cowboy pledge
• Looking at thoughts from spring ball
• How the QB race settles


• BB: Texas Tech 12, OSU 4
• SB: OSU 3, Texas Tech 2

OSU Bullets

Most Read Article (No. 1): Sooners went after Cowboy Pledge

At this point, it was far more smoke than fire. Apparently, for every Obo and Ryan Broyles, a recruit like Brynden Walker can stay the course. The timing of Walker being on campus for the spring picnic/practice was fortuitous as it appeared to of helped solidify the commitment.

Most Read Article (No. 2): Five Thoughts on the Open Spring Practice

The highlights here are all around the quarterback play and the observations that came from it. Namely that there’s not a lot of separation between the redshirt freshman and the redshirt senior but also that they both showed a good capacity to throw on the move.

Taking a peek at the other end of the equation – C.J. Moore looked fantastic in the spring game… like Charlie Moore-spring game good. With that being said, Charlie Moore would always have a couple of scores during spring games then come into the season and be a solid depth guy. It’s fair to expect more from the current iteration of Moore at wide receiver.

Most Read Article (No. 3): What the Spring Game says about the QB Race

One of my favorite things highlighted in this piece was Gundy’s comments about knowing more about a quarterback at game 15. Here’s the thing: We won’t be able to see Dru Brown’s 15th game under center at OSU outside of a national championship run. But you know what? All other factors held constant, we can see Spencer Sanders’ games 15-48 if things go well.

Sure – he could go pro after his sophomore season (third season on campus) but either way, we could see far more return on investment for getting Sanders the experience this year than we could for playing Brown.

Most Read Article (No. 4): Why OSU Needs Spencer Sanders to Win the Gig Now

While I’m completely on board with Sanders taking the reigns yesterday (the last four games of last season would have been ideal), I hadn’t thought about the impact on recruiting. Boone highlighted how it looks to recruits when a known talent like Sanders goes somewhere in flourishes – it’s high profile and would impact the opinions of other talented recruits.

Most Read Article (No. 5): Five More Thoughts on the Open Spring Practice

Something I mentioned earlier this week and Marshall highlighted is that an open practice idea kind of stinks. While other schools are highlighting the occasion with clever marketing tactics, OSU feels like it’s downplaying the opportunity and not seizing the day.

Non-OSU Bullets

• This faith-based read on assuming the best in others was equally great and painful

• Crazy graphic/video on Marvel’s earnings vs other big movie franchises (Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc.)

• Always fun to see where first-rounders were as recruits

• I could get on board with having more rituals as a society – sports have quite a few of their own

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