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Daily Bullets (April 5): Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!

A roundup of all the weekend’s Eddie Sutton news.



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Day 22 of quarantine: “Do you want to drink some wine and play an online geography game?”

Eddie Coverage

He’s getting in!

• Porter (me): Five thoughts on the induction.

• Reaction: Sutton family | social media | other coaches

• Bill Haisten on Eddie was really good (and another one here was great as well). The photos at the bottom of those articles may be even better — Sean and Scott as kids!

Good stuff from Jenni Carlson on Eddie’s coaching tree.

• Eddie’s family said he fist-pumped when he found out the news. Great column from Berry Tramel.

• Here’s when he found out the news.

• This is great.

Other News

Good Q&A from the Oklahoman here with Brandon Weeden on the loss of spring ball and the hiring of Tim Rattay as QB coach. Here was my biggest takeaway (on Rattay).

“Very smart guy, very bright guy, a lot of energy. We kept in touch for many years and I texted him the second I saw they hired him. I think we hit a home run there. He’s a good coach. I think Spencer will be a better player because of him.”

A sobering read on how a canceled football season will affect athletic departments. Of course, Trump says football should be ready to roll in September.

• Berry Tramel thinks we will have a 2020 college football season even if it comes at the start of 2021. Smart take, per usual.

• This week’s pods: Dave Hunziker | Marshall Moses | Chad Weiberg | Josh Holliday

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• Wow, Iowa State’s coaches are taking a temporary pay cut.

• Seth Duckworth was made for this quarantine. His content might be the best content.

• How OSU was supposed to host the NCAA tennis championships this year and what this pandemic means for the future.

• I enjoyed this about communicating online.

• The end of Allie P.

Coronavirus books

• Finished: Bad Blood

• Working on: Family Worship | Why We’re Polarized

• Reading to the kids: Mysterious Benedict Society

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