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Daily Bullets (Feb. 13): Most Viewed of the Week, Tylan’s Successor

The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order.



The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order

Pokes take on the Wildcats today in GIA – Dean Wade’s not coming out of the bleachers to save these Cats.

Three Thoughts

• Is Bryson Green the next star receiver in Stillwater? Don’t sleep on Brennan Presley but it seems like Langston Anderson is the other natural choice in the pipeline too

• Silent commit revealed: the Pokes landed their quarterback for the 2022 class. Had offers from Utah and Virginia Tech.

If you’re concerned with rankings – he’s below Wes Lunt but above Jelani Woods (as a quarterback)

Go here to vote the white homecoming uniforms as the best throwbacks from 2020 – I’d be happy if these were the standard road uni

Two Quotes

Will we see Isaac Likekele on the floor today when the Pokes take on K-State? A lingering foot injury brings that into question.

“He’s just trying to fight through it,” (coach Mike) Boynton said. “And I probably need to sit down and make a decision on whether I need to sit him and maybe hold him for a game or two to make sure he’s good later in the final couple weeks of the season. 


Cowboy wrestling gets it’s leader back tomorrow with Daton Fix making his debut.

“We got our leader back,” (coach John) Smith said. “I think you ask any coach, ‘Go do this without your leader.’ He is our leader. Daton Fix leads this team, and he has since he’s been here. And he was when he was sitting the year out. Now we get to watch him again.”

One Question

• These guys say Mike Gundy is the coach you’d most like to be stuck with during a snowstorm – OSU coach I’d most like to be stuck with? Gosh, I’d say John Smith. Think of all of the things he could teach you in that time!

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1: Five Thoughts from the Texas win

• No. 2: Mike Boynton’s updated on the NCAA appeal

• No. 3: Daton Fix’s suspension is up

• No. 4: Pokes sign a small town Oklahoma receiver

• No. 5: Mike Boynton celebrates the Texas win

Non-OSU Bullets

What this guy learned from not having his phone in his bedroom
• Enjoyed this related take on the importance of the front porch
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