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Daily Bullets (Jan. 7): The Easy Guys to Cheer for Leaving OSU, Brennan Armstrong Landing Elsewhere

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

Three Thoughts

Portal updatesOSU added a defensive lineman from Utah Tech yesterday with lots of eligibility – and safety Thomas Harper transferred to Notre Dame. Here’s the thing about guys transferring – the Trace Fords (OU) and Dominic Richardsons (Baylor) hit different: they’re playing against OSU next year.

It’s not tough to pull for Jabbar Muhammad and Mason Cobb when they head out west or Thomas Harper at Notre Dame. But Ford and Richardson made the best decision for themselves personally – a self-benefitting move. A move that actively weakens Cowboy Football and probably should sour perspective on them as they actively try to make OSU lose a game next year.

OSU lost out on Virginia’s Brennan Armstrong – he ends up at NC State with his old offensive coordinator from UVA.

• OSU’s transfer portal activity is a bit unusual for the Big 12 – they lead the league in both imports and departures. Encouraging angle – a couple of players came out and said things are fine.

Out of all other conference schools, OSU ranks first in players transferring out. The Cowboys also rank first in players transferring in, tied with Kansas and Oklahoma at seven players.

Texas (15), West Virginia (13) and OU (11) follow behind OSU with players entering the transfer portal, according to On3 Sports.

Two Quotes

OSU’s nearly as good against ranked competition as unranked, what a unique quality.

• These are 18 to 22 year old young men making life-shaping decisions – but I just don’t get Trace Ford’s comment here: it was your choice, Mr. Ford.

“I loved OSU,” Ford said. “I loved everyone. It sucked that I was leaving. It’s sad, honestly.

One Question

• Does Cowboy Football have a culture problem? Brock Martin says no.

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