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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (July 31)



Offensive strides

Why did Mason Rudolph come to Stillwater? (PFB)

Michael Wilson on his new OL coach: “In our first meeting, he said, ‘I’m not going to do any monkey business. We’re going to do our thing. We’re going to get better. This is how we’re going to do it. If you don’t like it, tough.’ I liked it.” (Tulsa World)

The first of (I’m sure many) articles on how deep OSU’s receivers are. (NewsOK)

Chris Carson’s squat max. ? (PFB)

Help one of our own

Rough news here for OSU’s video coordinator. He has cancer. (NewsOK)

Here’s his GoFundMe page, by the way, in case you want to donate. (GoFundMe)

Football misc.

Joe Bob Clements weighs in on whether Darrion Daniels will be able to be successful this year. (NewsOK)

OSU unranked in preseason coaches poll. That might be a good thing. (PFB)

One interesting note? We don’t know who the punt returner and kick returners are going to be. I’m anti-Brandon Sheperd, btw. Too valuable at WR and not quick enough. (NewsOK)

Photos from Karsten’s media availability day/golf outing. (okstate)

Around the country

Daxx Garman is immediately eligible at Maryland. He’ll probably try to transfer again by Thanksgiving. (Yahoo)

Arizona State’s new unis are solid. Good job, Adidas (finally). (Yahoo)



Is Notre Dame gaming the system by not being in a conference? While we’re here, Berry raises a good point about the Playoff. Why not just give three conference champs a bye and let the fourth and fifth play for the fourth slot in the Playoff? Seems like there would be a lot less angst. (NewsOK)

CRFF takes a look at what OSU would look like in the other four conferences. (CRFF)

Other sports

Rickie Fowler bought beers for the media tent after making a walk-off ace. (PFB)

This Rangers fan is amazing, throws home run ball back. (Big Lead)


2017 recruit is in ESPN300. (PFB)

Priest Willis bails on OSU for College Station at the last minute. (Scout)

Good look at a four-star guard Travis Ford is trying to woo. (PFB)

I feel like this is an older story but Gundy on his recruiting philosophy and why OSU is going back to its roots. (ESPN)

More stuff I’m reading

Will definitely be trying Pocket Beta. (Medium)

Today’s Exhausted Superkids. (NYT)

The Example We Set. (Becoming Minimalist)

This is the coolest.

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