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Daily Bullets (June 4): Pokes Get Game One in Regionals, What Drove the Cowgirls to OKC

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.


Baseball: Cowboys 10, Missouri State 5

Three Thoughts

• The Bears made a comeback attempt but the Pokes weren’t having it – the Pokes won their first game in regionals last night, 10 to 5

• As the Cowgirls hung out last night before today’s game against Florida, you wonder what’s helped with this third-straight WCWS run – maybe it’s the team-first mentality or the leader that’s evolved. I’d guess both. Landing Miranda Elish wasn’t a bad place to start.

• I’m sure there were other good options but after seeing what Chad Weiberg has gone through so far in his first year on the job and how he’s responded, it’s hard to imagine a better option out there

Two Quotes

Marcus Smart is the dude when it comes to guarding Curry:

• These numbers that come out monthly shock me – OSU is nearly always top-ten!

One Question

• Could you imagine the awkwardness for athletic directors working with OU and Texas staff?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 The Cowgirls advanced to the College World Series

• No. 2 Kenny Gajewski signed an extension through 2027

• No. 3 Cowboy Baseball earned the No. 7 seed nationally

• No. 4 Wrestling revealed new locker room renovations

• No. 5 Cowboy Baseball was selected to host a regional

Non-OSU Bullets

• A “summer thanksgiving” involving bbq sounds amazing
• Big 12 is still weighing out the divisions conversation – let’s go pods: 3 protected (Baylor, TCU, K-State) and play six games where you rotate the other nine opponents

Something you’d hear at a commencement speech but still v. good:

“If I could talk to myself twenty years ago, I would tell myself to focus on my strengths, and not on my weaknesses; on the things I could do and not the things I couldn’t do; to strive to excel and hone those skills to the point of excellence. That this was the best strategy to secure my future. I would say to myself that the only real obstacles you have are those you create for yourself.”

Mariam Pere

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