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Daily Bullets (June 6): Most Viewed of the Week, Day 1 After That NCAA Ruling



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Three Thoughts

I’m perplexed by these two rulings by the NCAA:

  1. They absolutely jackhammered a school that coordinated with them and gained not one player or win from the violation… only to be awarded the highest level of violation (level one).
  2. Alternatively, an Arizona State player declared for the draft, hired an agent, went undrafted, and for some reason was allowed to come back and play. 

• Seth Duckworth shared a heartbreaking story about a Cowboy heavyweight from the 70s – it could go without saying but stories like this are exactly what folks like me (middle-class white male) need to understand what minorities in this country go through

• Your mind probably went there too – but nothing would be more frustrating to me than if Oklahoma State is “made an example out of” only to let other similar violators off the hook.

Now, before I go any farther, I should point out that the NCAA has forever been wildly inconsistent when it comes to the cases it pursues and how it punishes violators of rules. So consider that fact noted. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Precedents set often do not matter. But, that said, it’s impossible to digest what just happened to Oklahoma State and feel good about things if you’re connected to Kansas…  [CBS Sports]

Two Quotes

This is what I love about Mike Boynton – you could easily convince me that when he heard the news, he was more concerned for his players than he was for his own job.

This response from Oklahoma State was everything you need to see a university saying in the aftermath of yesterday:

One Question

• Did you think the Dez Bryant ruling could be topped?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1: Spencer Sanders was right
• No. 2: How many OSU players have the coronavirus?
• No. 3: Oklahoma running back that signed with TCU has been released
• No. 4: Boynton releases statement after George Floyd’s death
• No. 5: Four questions ahead of MJ’s decision

Non-OSU Bullets

• Interesting idea – running an office like a factory
• Solid faith-based read looking at the “exchange of pleasure”
These comments (and the book) on “how to think” looks good

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