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Daily Bullets (Mar. 19): Fix in the Semi-Finals, Most Viewed of the Week

The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order. 



The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order


Wrestling: Pokes at NCAA Championships
Men’s Golf: Pokes ran away with the N.I.T.
Softball: Cowgirls 8, Wichita State, 0 and Cowgirls 9, Kansas City 0
Baseball: Pokes 11, Seton Hall 1

Three Thoughts

Wrestling Update: Daton Fix cruised into the semifinals yesterday while Dakota Geer lost in the quarterfinals – five other Pokes were in action yesterday, three are still wrestling in the consolation bracket

• It’s fun for James Washington to get a chance to play for one of his home-state teams – he was signed by the Dallas Cowboys to a one-year deal yesterday

• Kyle Boone wrote about Owen Condon yesterday – feels like a fit if he’s interested in playing closer to home:

It’s unclear if OSU will pursue Condon but given the need to fill spots along the offensive line — and the need to do so with experience — Condon could make for an easy target with a simple recruiting pitch of giving him a role in his home state.

Two Quotes

• Some Big 12 teams crushed it in the Big Dance in the first round – awesome that OSU beat most of those guys:

• Chacarra is the Cowboys’ ace – nice to see him getting recognition:

One Question

• Is there a Mike Boynton era player you’d rather see make it in the NBA than Lindy Waters?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 Mike Boynton’s alma mater has a head coach opening

• No. 2 OSU landed a four-star guard for the 2023 class

• No. 3 Cade and Marcus Smart swapped jerseys after their game this week

• No. 4 Dez Bryant predicted where Washington would end up

• No. 5 Moussa Cisse is returning for the next season

Non-OSU Bullets

• You don’t need a promise, you need a plan
• Redeeming March Madness (faith-based)

Can’t stop watching these mascots dance:

Liked this quote on choosing what to read:

“There is only one way to read, which is to browse in libraries and bookshops, picking up books that attract you, reading only those, dropping them when they bore you, skipping the parts that drag – and never, never reading anything because you feel you ought, or because it is part of a trend or a movement. Remember that the book which bores you when you are twenty or thirty will open doors for you when you are forty or fifty-and vise versa. Don’t read a book out of its right time for you.”

Writer Doris Lessing

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