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Daily Bullets (Nov 30) – Boynton’s Pokes Head Up North, Difference Between Six Wins and Nine Wins



Vikings Stadium, Round One

As OSU suits up for a game in the same stadium as the Final Four, you can already hear the Boynton pre-game talk right?

The journey continues Friday, when OSU faces Minnesota in U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings and site of the 2019 Final Four. Boynton said he scheduled the game with the latter in mind.

“Nothing’s by accident, man,” Boynton said. “I want these guys to embrace those type of environments. Our goal is to win a national championship. I’m not afraid to say that. You play in a place like that when you do that. We’ll see, go up there and see if we can still make some shots in a dome, and if we can’t, we’ll figure it out for the next time we’re there. Hopefully, it’s in the Final Four.” [NewsOK]

Just finished a read on determination and perseverance, fixating on a goal and daily moving closer towards it tend to be the steps to getting there. You know with the dreams Boynton has for the program, he’ll have plenty of material ready for a game in the same facility where college basketball’s elite teams will gather next year.

Catching the Breaks

A football season can be so fickle – what’s the dividing line between six wins and nine?

For so long, OSU handled its business against opponents with equal or less talent. This season’s Cowboys are defined by tremendous fluctuations in performance. They were at their best against Boise State, Texas, Oklahoma and West Virginia. They lacked effort and focus in the losses at K-State, Baylor and injury-riddled TCU.

With victories in those three games – and there should have been victories – OSU would be 9-3. [TulsaWorld]

That’s not to say this team almost won nine games – a team that won eight and was a play or two away almost won nine games. But this team was a heck of a lot closer to nine wins than a team who would have beat who they should (K-State, Baylor, and TCU) and lost handily to teams they shouldn’t of.

OSU and NCAA Notes

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Obviously a joke but man… *whispers* would you be shocked if OSU (hypothetically) competed with Notre Dame or Clemson?

Video of Tyron on Bullet would be fantastic.

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