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Daily Bullets (Nov 7) – Tough Losses Defined, Bedlam New Hires



Bedlam or… Baylor?

Mike Gundy had an interesting comment about what kind of loss stings more.

Gundy won’t admit it, but he probably becomes nauseated when reflecting on what his Bedlam record could be.

It could be 7-6.

The Cowboys could have or should have conquered Oklahoma in 2006, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2016.

“I know people tend not to agree with this, but those (close-call Bedlam setbacks) don’t bother me as much as the game at Baylor did,” Gundy said. “That game bothers me because we were undisciplined and didn’t play good football.”

“We’ve been in some 15-round heavyweight fights with OU. Really good football games. I’m OK with that.” [TulsaWorld]

While any warm-blooded OSU fan would heartily disagree with that remark, I think as a coach that may be true. When you lose to a team better than you (the case most of those years), it’s explainable to your conscience. When you struggle to dominate a team that’s been shoved around all year and shot yourself in the foot in the process, that’s just flat out disheartening.

Bedlam Brothers

The Cowboys and the Sooners have a rare commonality this year – new hires in the DC chair.

The beleaguered Bedlam defenses meet this Saturday in Norman, each with a coordinator hired in the last 11 months because the head coach just couldn’t think of what else to do. Such is life in the Big 12.

“I know, I know,” Knowles said the other day when I asked him about the crazy football he signed up for. “Maybe you guys are finally converting me. I would never have thought that in the past.”

The numbers aren’t kind to Knowles. Gundy fired Spencer despite back-to-back seasons of OSU finishing fourth in Big 12 defensive efficiency. Now the Cowboys are eighth, about a touchdown per game worse than the previous two seasons, and not far from dead last. [NewsOK]

Down years defensively came from two very different places – one guy getting used to his move to the league and the other from having worn out his welcome. I’ll tell you what, this isn’t an encouraging fact when considering how the rest of the year could go from this angle.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Corndog is a semi-finalist for (former) walkon of the year….This tiny town is an LSU-Bama battleground….Iowa Wesleyan (birthplace of the air raid) may close this year – do yourself a favor and read this book on the birth of the air raid….I always enjoy the Bottom Ten of CFB….Cowboys lacking some vocal leadership this year

I’m not a Texan but this might have been enough to get my vote.

I’m not sure if he was targeted (my goodness Baylor was after AJ Green) but this seems impressive.

Cowboy receivers know they’re not up for much of a fight with the OU DBs.

I don’t care what Kyler Murray says, Stillwater (especially in fall) is an alright place.

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