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The 20 Most-Viewed Posts of 2017



We have a week left in the year, and I suppose Mason Rudolph could rush for a 99-yard TD on Thursday before back flipping over Minnie Mouse in the end zone against Virginia Tech, but that seems mildly improbable. So it seems that our top 20 posts of 2017 is set, and boy are there some gems in here (almost none of them have to do with on-field OSU athletics and FIVE are Baker Mayfield-related).

Here are they are from No. 20 to No. 1.

20. Social media reaction to Baker’s arrest
19. Gottlieb announces candidacy
18. Chris Robison (OU QB) arrested
17. Flight scheduled from Knoxville to Stillwater
16. 10 thoughts on Underwood leaving
15. Lundblade leads Bedlam teams in postgame prayer
14. Baker Mayfield taunts KU, grabs crotch
13. OSU apparently offered Brad Underwood $2.2M
12. Rudolph beats out Mayfield for Johnny U. Award
11. Potential candidates to replace Brad Underwood at OSU

A lot of Underwood, a lot of Mayfield. We have had real conversations about how much to post on the Baker, and there have been arguments on both sides. I think ultimately we landed on the fact that the rival QB of Oklahoma State’s football team is the biggest newsmaker in college sports so as long as it’s absurd enough, we’re going to post.

Our goal is to create a fun, interesting blog that informs a lot of people and makes a good amount of money. That doesn’t mean it’s always positive or exactly what people want to read. But it will always at least be interesting and Big 12-related. On to the top 10.

10. Mike Gundy wears a singlet
9. Tommy Tuberville gets caught with hot mic
8. Tyreek Hill runs blazing pro day 40
7. Baylor fans dyed the fountain green
6. Rudolph, Gundy go shirtless at HoCo

So two clothing-related posts for Gundy, a hot mic on an ex-coach, food coloring and a post we didn’t even write this year. Blogging!

5. Mike Gundy turns down $42 million from Tennessee
4. Brad Underwood hired by Illinois
3. OSU hype video
2. Mayfield tackled in Arkansas (video)
1. Mayfield arrested in Arkansas (report)

Ahh, coaching searches and QB arrests. Bring me that good stuff from the #content gods. I’ll post a year in review later in the week ahead of New Year’s, but thus far our pageviews are up 33 percent year over year, visitors are up 25 percent and comments are up 100 percent. All because of Baker you guys.

I’m obviously incredibly glad for this and grateful for your willingness to spend so much of your free time with us. More to come soon.

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