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Top 10 posts of 2014

Mike Gundy makes appearances in a couple of these.



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At the beginning of the year I predicted that Gundy getting after a Sports Illustrated reporter at the Cotton Bowl would be PFB’s most-viewed post of 2014. I wasn’t right but I was close.

Here are the 10 most-viewed post of 2014 on PFB.

10. Ten Thoughts on Bedlam 2014

I emptied the tank on this one and it blasted past 10 Thoughts on OSU-FSU from August (which finished 18th, by the way).

9. Marcus Smart shoves Texas Tech fan

So many things happened. So many shocking things to look back on. Not the least of which was this lunatic.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.44.18 AM

8. Tyreek Hill arrested

Arrests, injuries and QB news are bulletproof drivers of traffic. Unfortunately OSU has had its share of all three in the last few years.

7. JW Walsh is sitting on top of Boone Pickens Stadium

…and there goes his hand.

6. Iowa State students flop when Marcus Smart is introduced

This was pretty great. Everything a college basketball game should be about.

5. Missouri State fans dyed OSU’s library fountain

I’m still not sure what they were trying to accomplish. But hey, thanks for all the traffic!

4. Mike Gundy dances on a Bedlam win

I sat on Twitter waiting for this to be posted because you knew it was coming. It wasn’t as good as the Texas one from a year ago but it was still pretty great.

3. The real reason Greeks leave Homecoming early

For so many reasons I wish this had never been written.

The foremost being that I apparently didn’t write it in a clear enough manner to convey that I was actually defending those in attendance for leaving early and pointing the blame at OSU for announcing Homecoming awards at halftime. Alas.

2. Mike Gundy laughs at SI reporter

As you can tell videos do quite well when it comes to viral traffic.

1. Kansas scrapping basketball program

I spend countless hours reading about and researching Oklahoma State and providing what I hope is an entertaining product.

And then a (very funny, mind you) satirical post about Kansas hoops usurps everything I’ve done all year on the blog.

Also known as: The Internet.

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