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Bullets: Glenn Spencer says Washington’s offensive formations are ‘a circus’

Josh Furman on Brady Hoke, Justin Phillips is underrated and Mike Yurcich on Washington’s All-Americans.





Josh Furman: “Now, I probably would have gotten the same opportunity at Michigan this season. But I had a great feeling that if I went somewhere else, it would have been better.” It wasn’t much better (until Bedlam). (NewsOK)

The top 10 posts of 2014. (PFB)

Holy crap this fight between BYU and Memphis was insane. Nobody being the “hold me back, guys” guy. Just an old-fashioned brawl. (CBS)

Glenn Spencer on Washington’s offense: “It is a circus trying to get lined up with all their formations. They’ll go back after the first two series and figure out what they want to hang their hat on. That’s the mystery.” (Scout)

This is true: The Cowboys’ crazy overtime win in Bedlam overshadowed a stellar performance from Phillips. The true freshman played the majority of the game, finishing with 10 tackles including seven solo stops in the most significant action of his debut season. (ESPN)

An Ole Miss QB was arrested for crazy reasons which led to this epic tweet. (CBS)

Here’s James Castleman talking about how he didn’t see the Mason Rudolph train coming this soon. (KFOR)

You can go to the Cactus Bowl for $12. (PFB)

Oklahoman or PFB satire? Ben Grogan: “Every kicker, they’ve been there before. No one’s perfect. I felt bad for him. But I was glad that we got the win.” (PFB)

Mike Yurcich on Washington’s All-Americans: “It’s not like you have to be concerned with three guys and that’s it. They have some dudes around them that can play.” (Scout)

Sounds like the Justin Gilbert Experiment isn’t going that well for Cleveland. (Plain Dealer)

With Rudolph effectively entrenched as the new starter, the Cactus Bowl against Washington will be an opportunity to finish on a high note, chalk up the losing streak as a temporary spasm, and hit 2015 looking like an outfit T. Boone can be proud of again — or least not like something so embarrassing that he’d take his name off the stadium. (Grantland)

Winston accuser said he raped her. Winston says the accuser wanted $7M. More fun in Tallahassee. (CBS)

OSU’s recruiting is on par so far with TCU and Texas Tech. (ESPN)

This is climbing the ladder towards the “military member comes home and surprises family” video for me. (Yahoo)

Dez: “I know people don’t want to listen to me, but hopefully they’ll start. But Tony is doing what Tony do.” (ESPN)


OSU is the only Big 12 basketball team to receive votes this week. So that’s something. 18 games of this is going to be a bloodbath. (Big 12 Sports)

Gary Parrish on why TCU shouldn’t be ranked is pretty funny. (CBS)

Inside the box score: OSU-Maryland. (PFB)

OU set a NCAA record on Monday by going on a 39-0 run in a game against a Division 1 opponent. Staggering. (CBS)

Temple destroyed Kansas last night. (ESPN)

This is a funny headline. Also this: We give junior college basketball a reputation as out of control, but the jucos have nothing on Westbrook Gone Wild. (NewsOK)

I don’t know why but this post about an NBA player’s mom booing one of her son’s teammates made me laugh a lot. (Big Lead)

These Michigan throwbacks are pretty awesome. Via Carson Cunningham. (SI)

Travis Ford has done this before, I’m pretty sure. (Big Lead)

Other sports

Oklahoma State is ranked No. 5 (by one of the 28 baseball polls) but it isn’t the top-ranked Big 12 team. (Big 12 Sports)

Nolan Boyd was named Big 12 wrestler of the month. He’s the one that would likely kill me. (Big 12 Sports)

I really enjoyed this Lance Armstrong interview about playing golf. He’s a 10 handicap but doesn’t break 80? (Golf Digest)

Reasons to be excited about golf in 2015 (Part IV). (CBS)

European Tour shots of the year.

The one at the beginning off the rail into the basketball hoop was a joke.

More stuff I’m reading

Pro sports involve hierarchical salary systems that serve to deflate the overall amount of money paid to players, and to decrease their leverage. (Deadspin)

I believe that writing is a fundamental part of my so-called “success” as a professional. Perhaps more importantly, though, is that it has been an uncompromisable part of how I understand the world and in that way it has proven to be salvific. (John)

The most amazing science images of 2014. (IO9)

On Malcolm Gladwell and not attributing facts: It’s disappointing to see those who esteem ideas arguing that they ought to be more scarce. (Tom Lee)

This is a great quote about why you should read. (Kleon)

I don’t like the final outcome but this is mesmerizing to watch.

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