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Daily Bullets (Sept. 11): Most Viewed of the Week, Cross Tulsa’s Goal and Sing Oklahoma State

The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order. 



The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order

Beat Tulsa – here’s the exhaustive preview for this morning’s game.

Expansion Coverage

The Big 12 formally invited four new schools – BYU accepted immediately
Cincinnati and UCF did as well Houston accepted the bid
OSU administrators and coaches responded
Potential divisions in the new Big 12
PFB Podcast talking about the new league (and previewing TU game)
Big 12 might not be/probably isn’t done expanding
The AAC is open to letting Cincy, UCF, and Houston out early for more $$$

Ranking the social media acceptances of the four teams:
1st – Cincy with the whole city excited
2nd – UCF the happy parent/child
3rd – BYU with a signing day hat
4th – UH with red-eyed Batman

Three Thoughts

• One of the more interesting topics from yesterday broke open when the BYU athletic director noted the new Big 12 would have two football divisions – there’s really two options that seem most logical: East/West and North/South

Marshall did a great job noting the “Texas for All” plan but it’s really a matter of will BYU or UCF be with the Pokes and the Texas schools.

• This TulsaWorld columnist has the Pokes winning 30-17 today – he points out that the defense at Tulsa is still good without first-round pick Zaven Collins as well.

• Bobby A. had some color on the new schools the Big 12 is adding – this quote on further realignment timelines is something to be aware of too:

What does this mean for Oklahoma State? For now, Oklahoma State and the other remaining seven are committed to the new Big 12 set up. However, I do believe as the Big Ten and he Pac-12 near the negotiations on a new television and media right contract with the Big Ten in 2023 and the Pac-12 in 2024 just ahead of the Big 12 in 2025 that realignment could come bubbling back up with leagues looking for a few attractive new members.

Two Quotes

• I’m all in with Marshall here – Texas is a brand that hasn’t match it’s reputation:

• Two best “Let’s hack off Texas and OU ideas” below. 11am games for OU only.

• Bonus: Family Goals ⬇️⬇️⬇️

One Question

• I liked this realignment question from a CBS article:

What’s the best rivalry in the new Big 12? Twelve teams in five states from the Atlantic to the Wasatch Mountains?

[CBS Sports]

Only options I could think of: The Revivalry (TCU-Baylor), Farmageddon (K-State-Iowa State), maybe a new Holy War (Baylor-BYU)

West Virginia-Cinci and OSU-Tech would be natural… TCU feels like OSU’s most natural threat. The Doug Meacham Bowl played in Ardmore each year?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 Ten Thoughts from the Missouri State game

• No. 2 Big 12 is expected to add new members (this) week

• No. 3 Spencer Sanders to miss the Missouri State game

• No. 4 Daily Bullets from Thursday – New applicants to the Big 12

• No. 5 What Gundy said about the Missouri State game

Non-OSU Bullets

• More thinking about walking places than I’ve ever done
• The richness of curiosity

Sort of a funny thing to talk about but I like this quote on how friendships happen:

“Friendship happens on the way to something else.

If you “try to meet new people” it feels weird and forced. The more you aim for friendship, the more it eludes you.

But if you aim to learn or achieve something with others, friendship happens naturally during the shared pursuit.”

James Clear

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