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The Best Comments of the Week on Pistols Firing



Ed. note: I tasked one of our interns, Ryan Harris, to go scrape the comments section for the best of the week. I struggle a lot with the comments section. A lot of it is trolly garbage, but some of it is really good, thoughtful analysis and feedback. Anyway, we’re going to try this for a bit to see if we like it. Hope you guys enjoy.

Football season is in full swing, and with it has come plenty of controversy. Although Oklahoma State has started this season 3-0, blowing out its first three opponents, the first few weeks haven’t gone perfectly.

Mike Gundy has shown that he is not messing around this season. Gundy has already kicked two players off the team, and didn’t let Tyron Johnson travel to Pittsburgh for violating team rules. It may be a #bagyear, but only for those players who can follow the team rules. On top of that, the Pokes have also lost linebacker Kevin Henry for the season.

The Big 12 has also once again been disrespected, getting pinned with an 11:30 kickoff for the highly anticipated return of its championship game. All of this said, at least there haven’t been any surprises on the scoreboard.

These hiccups have caused for some pretty intriguing discussion the past few weeks in the PFB comment sections. I’m here to put all of the best comments in one place.

1. On the Big 12 title

Pretty easy scenario here: OSU loses Bedlam, but wins the conference championship game against OU. Both teams go otherwise undefeated, finishing at 12-1. A 1-loss OSU will never make it in, and OU will have lost its final game of the season, giving the committee an excuse to pick Ohio State instead.

Actually, an even more “fun” scenario would be the following: OU beats OSU by 20 in Bedlam, but loses the championship on a last second field goal. The committee, citing “body of work,” picks OU over OSU anyway.

In a perverse sort of way, I almost hope the second scenario happens. Picking Bama over OSU in ’11 was the death knell for the BCS; maybe a similar scenario will be the death knell for the Playoff Selection Committee. I’d love for OSU to have a hand in the demise of both.

Stochasty on the announcement of the Big 12 Championship game kicking off at 11:30 a.m.

2. On Yurcich vs. Spencer and the polarizing lids

I agree, Yurcich has been underrated. He’s a lot better than he has been given credit for being. Next time, put Glenn Spencer under the microscope. You might reach a different verdict, although things seem different this year, at least through the non-con.

I disagree on the helmets. I like it with the black face mask, and it is a very unique look that coordinates with the rest of the uni. Not many teams could pull it off.

Singing Cowboy on Yurcich being underrated and helmets vs Pitt. I am here for all of this comment.

3. On TCU style vs. OSU

I’d say take the Pokes. Gary and Gundy haven’t played a single close game in 5. I think Gary’s style brings out the best in Gundy much in the same way Stoops and Snyder seem to bring out the worst.

Ben DeWalt on betting against the spread this weekend vs TCU.

4. On PFB

Kyle, Ive been coming to this blog for years. Every year it gets better and better. This year you have even better content, more content, and great contributors. Watching you build a business around our favorite team is awesome. Good work.

Spence on the growth of Pistols Firing Blog.

5. On Zach Sinor’s track

This song should be rockin’ BPS every time Sinor takes the field.

Sonny on OKC rapper “B-Les” dropping a “Sinor For Heisman” track.

6. On Penn State being ranked ahead of OSU

Complaining about Week 4 rankings that have no bearing on who gets into the playoff is not being proud it is being silly. Penn State is ahead of us because they started ahead of us and have also shut out 2 of their 3 opponents.

Yes we beat Pitt in a more dominate fashion then they did big deal they have beat their other 2 FBS opponents 108-0. If we were ranked ahead of them I’d think that was fine but getting upset about that is illogical and whining.

But just relax. If we beat TCU way more impressively compared to how they perform vs Iowa and are still behind them I will agree with your Blue blood bias talk. But at the moment we are on the way up and we have no reason to be upset.

Ben DeWalt on OSU being ranked 6th in the AP Poll this week. Adding to this, the AP rankings only matter until the CFB Playoff Committee starts releasing their weekly rankings.

7. Go fast, be great

It seems like in every game, the first drive is particularly fast, which makes sense since it is probably planned in advance. I still like it, it seems to put the defense on its heels immediately. I’m sure the other teams will start trying to get their defenses to mentally prepare for it. Going to be tough for them though.

brentparkey on OSU planning ahead for their first offensive possession every game.

8. On Sinor’s fledgling Heisman campaign

Sinor needs to strike a Heisman pose after every punt inside the 20.

Patrick Orlando on the #Sinor4Heisman campaign.

Check back here every Friday to see if one of your comments has been featured on our “Best Comments of the Week” post.

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