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Daily Bullets (Apr. 4): 3-2-1, Most Viewed of the Week, Lots of Eddie Talk



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Praise the Good Lord, Eddie is going in.

Bullets Rundown

• A pair of Eddie’s star lieutenants
• Football seems likely to fit somewhere
• What Flavors adds to the roster

Three Observations

• Eddie Sutton left a wake of brilliant coaches through his career – these two at Kentucky were particularly impressive.

KENTUCKY, 1985-89

Leonard Hamilton: A Sutton assistant at UK, he preceded Sutton at OSU (1986-90), then coached Miami (1990-2000), the NBA’s Washington Wizards (2000-01) and Florida State (2002-present).

Dwane Casey: Sutton assistant at Kentucky who has been an NBA head coach in Minnesota (2005-07), Toronto (2011-18) and Detroit (2018-present). [NewsOK $$$]

Casey was the NBA coach of the year in Toronto and Hamilton has been mopping up Florida’s best recruits for 20 years.

• The sentiment that football will be fit in somewhere in a calendar seems to be the most prevalent viewpoint.

If the virus cripples us for more months than we want to think about, if the shutdown sails into August and September, football will not be canceled but merely postponed. It’s too important financially on college campuses. [NewsOK]

Mike Boynton filled one of his two roster spots with a graduate transfer from a small school in California and it’s about one thing – high-level shooting.

(Ferron) Flavors played off the ball primarily at Cal Baptist, and that’s what makes him such a seamless addition. Not only did he lead the WAC in 3-point shooting, but Synergy rated him in the 99th percentile as a spot-up shooter last season, averaging 1.344 points per possession in those situations. He also rated in the 88th percentile as a shooter in hand-off shooting situations. [PFB]

Well when you put it that way, throwing around 99th and 88th percentiles, it’s hard to imagine a better off-ball complement. This is assuming that he’ll be able to get all of his shots of at 6’3″.

Two Quotes

• This quote from Joey Graham on Eddie Sutton was the best.

“Every guy on our team had a story,” he said as we discussed Tony Allen and JamesOn Curry. “I don’t know if those are the type of guys he was looking for, but he was able to jell guys from different walks of life, different areas, environments and circumstances and put them together and get the best out of them. If that’s not what a hall of fame coach is, then I don’t know.

“How many coaches can you say have done that?” [PFB]

It’s one thing to John Calipari your way to 800 – being the slickest guy in every room – but to outwork, outsmart, and outcoach everybody from Idaho to Lexington is something else altogether.

• Could this virus lead to some thawing of the chilliness in our culture? The Big 12 commissioner thinks it might.

“You know, when you’re up against an opponent like we are, you begin to treasure some of the things you’ve taken for granted,” (Commissioner Bob) Bowlsby said.

“And some of the things that we fight over … some of the things that people have thought were major points of contention, the sharp edges have been taken off of that a little bit. And so, I think there could be a recentering. [NewsOK]

One Question

• Would you rather see football played in the Summer of 2020 (July-September) or the winter of 2020-2021 (December-February)?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1: Cade Cunningham is recruiting a big-time recruit
• No. 2: Grad transfer Ferron Flavors, Jr. commits to the Pokes
• No. 3: FFJ names the Pokes in his top-five
• No. 4: Pokes are in the running for a Western Michigan transfer
• No. 5: Facts about OSU’s OT-loss in Lawrence in 1999

Non-OSU Bullets

• Something about the photos/stories in this article about life in the Ozarks was strangely comforting
• Pretty wild – this gal in Washington lives off the land and she can teach you for a price
• Plenty of financial/economic terms in this piece but differentiating between the current situation from the Great Depression was good

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