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Daily Bullets (Feb. 22): Most Viewed of the Week, 3-2-1, Gundy Needs to Recruit in SEC Country



Mike Boynton landed the first human I’ve ever heard of with a compound first name. Beat the Sooners. 

Bullets Rundown

• Immediately eligible transfers coming (too?) soon
• Gundy needs to go SEC (to recruit)
• Boynton landing multi-year players with Cade


• MT: Cowboys 4, Michigan 0
• SB: Ole Miss 8, Cowgirls 5 and  Cowgirls 1, Louisiana 0
• BB: Cowboys 17, UT RGV 2

Three Ideas

• This is sort of wild – could the one-free pass to transfer and become immediately eligible rule be in place soon?

I think this new transfer policy will be in place before mid-summer and will be used as soon as August and the first time a football player feels he has lost the grip on his starting position. [Pokes Report]

That sounds fast. Here’s an idea: let’s bureaucracy this thing for another year and make sure all of the kinks are worked out.

• I agree with the premise of this article published yesterday on PFB – you’d rather have one Tylan Wallace than six Dillon Stoners. There’s some opportunity out there in a place you wouldn’t expect to fill the gaps.

Paul notes that the biggest schools in the SEC are now pursuing a national recruiting strategy, which has a bunch of second order effects. Instead of being content with a bunch of local 3/4-stars, LSU, Alabama, or Georgia will go into New Jersey, Texas, or California to have a shot at getting more blue chip 4/5 stars.

Consequently, the extremely talent-rich South has some high 3/4-star recruits available to the rest of the SEC or whomever is positioned to clean up (generally the rest of the SEC). [Concerning Sports]

SEC schools are coming into Texas to soak up the high-end talent? Maybe OSU can start flying commercially into Atlanta and trying to pick up some of those ignored four-stars. 

• There’s a plan in place that’s working well – bring in a super-talented player and get as many multi-year players to come with him as possible. 

“Coach Eric [Pastrana] was on me every day,” (Matthew-Alexander) Moncrieffe said. “Me and Cade [Cunningham] are pretty close, we played together a couple of times at Pangos and things like that. Cade is what he is, he gets the ball, pushes it, elite scorer, he’s an underrated bucket. That was the vision, being able to play with Cade and all that kind of stuff.” [247 Sports]

Two Quotes

• Here’s one you love to hear:

The best recruiting class in the Big 12… Nice work, Mike.

• This was wild – take a look at what percent of OSU’s recruits in 2020 were blue chips (four-stars and above) compared to others.

blue chip chart

One school matched OSU identically – Iowa. OSU = Iowa.

One Question

• How many four-stars would Mike Gundy have to land in each class to make you happy?

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Non-OSU Bullets

• It’s got religious connotations but this read on the “cancel culture” and no room for redemption is thought-provoking
• Enjoyed these Chris Paul thoughts (point No. 2) from Zach Lowe’s “Ten Things”
• I’m super interested in this new David McCullough book – he’s the best at making history easy to read
Some spiritual angles but this list of ice breakers are good for any context

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