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Daily Bullets (May 30): Most Viewed of the Week, Gundy’s Ready to Make a Run



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Three Thoughts

Every once in a while, a Cowboy Football roster aligns (with) the stars and is poised to make a run. 2020 is that season.

Mike Gundy is all in on this season. He’s returning arguably the best athlete in the league at QB, WR, and RB and now adds a top level guard, defensive tackle, cornerback, and a freak-level talent at wide receiver. [Concerning Sports]

• With the Hall of Fame enshrinement being pushed back, it would have been crushing for Eddie to have passed between the two time periods (between when the ceremony would have been in August and next year).

• I’m thankful to have read Mike Boynton’s well-spoken thoughts about the Minneapolis situation:

Two Quotes

• This was a hilarious anecdote about Eddie Sutton – he called Tony Allen out on a wild haircut. It was, of course, about more than a haircut.

Oklahoma State coach Eddie Sutton was appalled from the moment he saw the hairstyle. It sure didn’t take long for Allen to get a haircut.

“Yo, that’s not getting you to the NBA,” Allen recalled Sutton saying. [NewsOK]

Eddie knew how to get TA there, and boy did he.

• The Power Five appears to be interested in setting their own rules for paying players. What’s interesting is this would be a very natural point for the Power Five to break off altogether.

One Question

• If I had read you the headline “Bowlsby is Bullish Big 12 will Start on Time” a month ago, how excited would you have been?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1: Chuba Hubbard teases with a mysterious announcement
• No. 2: Eddie Sutton passes away at 84
• No. 3: D-Mase and Gottlieb eulogized Eddie well
• No. 4: Brendan Costello heads out of town
• No. 5: Oklahoma running back committed to TCU back on the market

Non-OSU Bullets

Fun, innovative ways sports can change after the virus
• I’ve posted before but laughed about these terrible reviews of national parks
• Watched this YouTube interview yesterday with recently passed Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias – really appreciate his story and what he was about

Liked this James Clear quote on solving problems:

How to see opportunities others miss:
1) Study a totally different field, then return to the original problem. Apply insights from other domains.
2) Invert the problem. Try to achieve the opposite.
3) Talk to hyper-creative people. Their thinking will rub off.

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