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The 15 Most Read PFB Posts of 2019

Probably not what you expect.



It’s been a long but great year. I — somewhat hilariously if you follow my golf stuff — started 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee and I’ll end it tonight by, uh, reading some of Gladwell’s new book and going to bed at 9:45 p.m.

Anyway, from beginning to end, I’m grateful for how much you guys have engaged with the site and with our forum, which we implemented at the start of football season. It’s been a (surprising?) hit. More big things ahead in 2020, but first here’s a look back at our 15 most-viewed posts of 2019.

1. Spencer Sanders Goes Full Tebow (27K views): It, uh, did not play out like I think he probably hoped it was going go play out.

2. Mike Gundy Has an OU Problem He Will Never Solve (26K): Kyle Boone 2-for-2 on top stories.

3. Gundy Blasts Writer on Teleconference (20K): This was maybe the weirdest thing that happened throughout the year.

4. Son of OSU All-American Offered (19K): Our most-viewed stories are also often our biggest throwaways. Not that we shouldn’t have written about this, but we didn’t pour hours into it like maybe we would for something else.

5. The 10 Best Quotes from Boone Pickens (18K): RIP Boone.

6. Boone Passes Away at 91 (18K): That was a tough one. Definitely a passage of time-type post for me. Like, man, this all goes so quickly doesn’t it?

7. Gundy on Texas, Nebraska and Sanders (18K): I have no idea why this hit like it did.

8. Ten Thoughts on Bedlam (17K): Finally I get one on here. Finally!

9. Bryce Thompson Responds to Cade’s Commitment (17K): Ah, those happy golden days when Bryce + Cade was still a possibility.

10. Grayson Boomer Enters Portal (17K): Recruiting pays the bills.

11. Rudolph Knocked Out (16K): The toughest scene.

12. Veterans Day Uniforms (15K): Uniforms also pay the bills.

13. Ten Thoughts on Oregon State (15K): First 10T of the year is always a monster.

14. Cade Commits (15K): Still tough to believe.

15. Gundy Rants, But I’m Not Buying It (14K): Boone stays king of this list.

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