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Grading the Uniforms: Week 12 vs. Kansas



Oklahoma State finished the year with their fourth version of White-Orange-White this season. It appears that they saved their best for last.

Helmet: A


The brand is the best. It’s hard to believe this is only the third time that the Cowboys have worn it in two seasons (fourth if you count the throwback brand logo from Homecoming last season).

The standard black stripe is more fitting for this helmet, but I like that they went with the bandana stripe for a game. This helmet is definitely worthy of an A, but it’s hard to give it an A+ when compared to the same helmet with the standard black stripe. It’s especially hard to give it an A+ when compared to the black helmet with the brand logo.

Combo: A+


Although there were some outspoken individuals who were disappointed with the uniform combo this week, this is one of the best looks for the Pokes. It makes sense to wear this for Senior Day because it’s time-honored. It makes sense to wear this against Kansas because it’s basic.

Out of all the repeated uniform combos this season, this was the best one.

Overall: A+
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