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Top Comments: Readers Want Yurcich to Take the Tennessee Job and More on Cowboy Recruiting

Commenters vote for Yurcich to take Tennessee job.



In a somewhat uneventful week in Cowboy athletics, the comments sections were still thriving. Lets dive into some of the best #takez from the last seven days.

On OSU Offering a Top-100 Running Back Prospect

Joseph C: I’ll wager some of the folks who moan and groan when we offer 3 stars are the same types that say we don’t have a prayer with kids like this. (17 upvotes)

Joseph from the Top Rope! Couldn’t agree more. Oklahoma State has been a top-15 program for the past nine years, and such a rise should be accompanied by the coaching staff continuing to go after higher caliber recruits and expecting to land some of them.

On Yurcich and Tennessee’s Interest in Hiring Him as Next OC

Zombie Willham: ‘Front-Runner by Default’

He’s got my vote. (12 upvotes)

If you ask the average football fan how an offensive coordinator should be evaluated, the overwhelming consensus would likely be based on the number of points put up each game. The Pokes have excelled in this realm in Mike Yurcich’s tenure. Porter outlined why Yurcich’s 2018 offense was better than you probably think a couple weeks ago, and it is worth the read. For the most part, I agree with Porter in that Oklahoma State’s offenses over the last several years give Yurcich the benefit of the doubt.

On the other hand, the offensive outings were atrocious in the TCU, Tech, and K State games, so there is criticism to be levied on that front. If the inconsistency in 2018 perpetuates itself in 2019, I’ll be more interested in criticizing play calling. But not today.

It’ll be interesting to see what shade of orange Yurcich dons in 2019.

On Gundy Visiting Deondrick Glass

Gundy visited several recruits over the last couple weeks, utilizing the swagcopter to his benefit. Perhaps the most important visit was made to a top running back target, Deondrick Glass. Glass has narrowed his list to six schools and Oklahoma State is one of the finalists. On Gundy’s visit, unfortunately, Glass didn’t have a face that oozed with excitement.

YetiPoke: Deondrick’s mom: “Deondrick Glass, you WILL put on a nice shirt and take a picture with the nice man who came all the way from Stillwater, OK to see you! And, don’t say a word”.

Yes ma’am. (8 upvotes)

I laughed.

On AJ Green’s Potential Production in 2019

looking up: A lot of people on here bag on AJ Green. He’s had some rough spots this year and part of that is the transition from Spencer’s D to Knowles D where he is in aggressive man-to-man coverage. Early in the season he had lots of penalties but really cleaned it up towards the end. He is our best coverage corner. The guy is flat-out good and I guarantee we will see great things from him in year 2 of Knowles defense! (8 upvotes)

Several individuals pointed out that A.J. Green was either the best, or the worst, cornerback in the Big 12 depending on how closely the officials were watching for defensive pass interference. Green’s aggressive style, regardless, caused him to be one of the best corners in the conference. He locked down Collin Johnson when Texas visited Stillwater and held David Sills at bay when the Pokes beat West Virginia.

His success has since been recognized. Green’s percentage of forced incompletions was ranked fourth by Pro Football Focus. I look forward to seeing Green in action in 2019.

On Texas Surpassing OSU as the Big 12’s Second Best Team

OkState4lyfe: I’d be more concerned with the schools that are making positive changes in their programs with coaching and recruitment while we continue with our 10 wins = national championship, “Cowboy Culture,” keep doing what we’re doing philosophy. Those same once bottom dweller teams are now out recruiting us and out performing us on the field. Like it or not but we’re sliding in the wrong direction and in the very near future unless things change, Texas for runner up will be the least of our worries. (7 upvotes)

A couple thoughts on this. First, you won’t find me dogging 10-win seasons, especially on the heels of a 6-6 campaign. Second, don’t forget that 2017 was circled on the calendars of Oklahoma State fans as soon as they witnessed Rudolph lead the Pokes to a strong finish in 2014. A setback year was certainly expected.

While this 6-6 team looked turrrible against Kansas State and Texas Tech, they were just a few plays away from making 2018 a nine-win campaign. A Tylan Wallace deep ball drop against Iowa State. A last second touchdown given up in Waco. A failed two-point conversion attempt in Bedlam. If those three plays turn out differently, the post-2018 discussion sounds a lot different.

On Glenn Spencer Headed to Join Forces with Lane Kiffin

Brad: I really liked Glenn Spencer, such a classy individual. I wish him nothing but success! (7 upvotes)


On How High OSU Could Rise in the 2019 Recruiting Rankings

Gallagher? I hardly know her: I’ve solved all our problems, brace yourselves.

I think what we really need to do to get better is….recruit worse!

Think about it. When we play teams we’re supposed to beat through talent, Gundy goes into a shell and we end up getting upset (I don’t feel the need to list these games, you all know them by heart…). When we play top 10 teams in the nation as clear underdogs, he opens up the throttle and plays for a win! Now all we need to do is lower our recruiting ceiling if we want to win games! Our only potential losses will be McNeese State and Tulsa, but with some hard work by the staff before the signing day, I bet we could drop below TU too! (6 upvotes)

The satire is alive and well in the comments.

On Blake Jarwin’s Success with Dem Boyz

richard kennedy: How is possible that Blake Jarwin is even in the NFL let alone coming up big for the Dallas Cowboys?

He was a walk on and he didn’t have any Recruiting Stars. (5 upvotes)

Give some love to Gundy for the Jarwin pickup! Here’s a really good quote from Gary Patterson from 247 Sports earlier this summer that I’ve applied to Gundy’s recruiting methodology:

So you recruit whoever you want to recruit, you recruit who fits your program. Doesn’t do you any good to have a good athlete fits a square peg fitting into a round hole. The guy has to fit that position or he needs to be good enough that you will create a new position within your defense and offense so he can be successful and he will make you better. [247Sports]

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