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Bedlam week is just the best. In case you missed it yesterday, Choo Choo shirts are available now. (PFB) I sure as hell don’t want to hear about them. (NewsOK) They’re gonna need to. (Yahoo!) Berry compares Kansas State’s Baylor loss with OSU’s Iowa State loss. (NewsOK) Jimmie Tramel on OSU’s ability to replace great players these days. (Tulsa World) This is such a great point. (Sports Illustrated) Terrific article by Jake Trotter on how the Bedlam gap has closed. (ESPN) Nash and Smart sweep Big 12 weekly awards. (okstate)

10 More Thoughts On The Tech Game

Big thanks to Nolan Cox for giving great effort to help me with this one since I was driving for part of it. 1. One thing I noticed on the radio broadcast is how giddy Robert Allen was about how many different things OU has to gameplan for. Am I ridiculous for thinking this is just a faux idea broadcasters and analysts conjure up so they can act like they know what they’re talking about? I’m not just talking about Robert Allen either. All I hear about on SportsCenter is how difficult it is to gameplan for the Jets and all their weapons at QB and…yeah…4-6 is 4-6. Walsh is going to run, Chelf is going to throw and do smart Chelf stuff and maybe run a little but I don’t think Mike Stoops is losing much sleep over any of it. 2. Has Gundy apologized to Kelly Hines yet for yelling at her over calling Walsh’s dad and getting a second opinion on his knee? Because he should. 3. Chelf had a throw in the first half when OSU was tied at 7 on a third down to Josh Stewart that was the most “I’ve been in the program for four years and I know what the heck I’m doing” throw ever. Stewart was going over the middle right into a Tech safety, Chelf realized he only needed five yards for the first, so he tossed a rope right at Stewart’s back right shoulder where he could twist and fall over the first down marker to keep the drive alive. Small, but clutch.

Getting It Done With Defense

Oklahoma State’s perfunctory performance in Puerto Rico and subsequent rise to the #20 spot in the most recent AP Top 25 poll was punctuated by a hark to yesteryear, the return of the defense. Travis Ford has traditionally been known for his offensive teams (fill. in. joke. here.) but with his coaching seat teetering from “getting warm” to “it’s on fire” he called on his stud freshman to lead the way on the defensive end. Consider this, of the top thirty teams in Ken Pom’s rankings, OSU has the biggest discrepancy between offensive and defensive efficiency. That tells me their success can be sustainable (offense takes nights off, defense doesn’t etc.) throughout the season even with an average to above average offense. Let’s take a look at the full list sorted by offensive efficiency minus defensive efficiency.

Daily Bullets

Choo! Choo! shirts available online now. Wow. (NewsOK) Title #51. (okstate) Joe Randle scored his 39th career TD on Saturday. Kind of gives more weight to Barry’s 39-TD regular season in ’88, huh? (NewsOK) Good post previewing Bedlam. (Yahoo!) Good read on Blackmon’s big day. (NewsOK) Cowboy hoops cracks CBS’ top 25. (CBS Sports) Another four-star for Ford? (Yahoo!) Cowboys held opponents to 31% shooting in Puerto Rico. Love. (NewsOK)

Five Thoughts On The NC State Game

BOX SCORE What a great win by the Cowboys, taking the Puerto Rico Tip-Off from #6 North Carolina State behind stellar performances by Marcus Smart and Le’Bryan Nash. Here are five thoughts about the Pokes’ big win… 1. Nolo and I agree on this — OSU might have outscored NC State by 20 but the reason is because of how fantastic they were on defense. The Wolfpack came in averaging 86 a game and they struggled to crack the 50-point mark. 2. Was Phil Jurick’s achilles recovery the fastest achilles recovery in history? Also, did somebody switch his achilles with Al Jefferson’s achilles? He was the biggest surprise throughout the tournament.

Preview: Oklahoma State and NC State
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Vitals Time: 5:30 PM Location: Puerto Rico TV: ESPN2 Online TV: here Radio: Cowboy Radio Network Online radio: here Announcers: Doug Sherman and Dino Gaudio Line:NC State -9.5 Records Cowboys – 3-0 Wolfpack – 3-0 Best win (KenPom ranking) Cowboys – Tennessee (69) Wolfpack – UMass (66) Worst loss Cowboys – [fill in Ford joke here] Wolfpack – n/a KenPom rank Cowboys – 42nd Wolfpack – 15th

10 Thoughts On The Texas Tech Game

1. First of all, I want to say thanks for everybody who came out to buy a shirt today. I really enjoyed meeting a lot of you and I hope you enjoy your new gear. For those who weren’t able to make it, we will have the shirts available online shortly. And how about this guy nabbin’ a shirt? Robin Ventura is on the train! pic.twitter.com/VH8sL1X0 — Pistols Firing (@pistolsguy) November 17, 2012 2. How about that first half from Clint Chelf and Isaiah Anderson? Ike had 174 and three and it should have been about two hundy and four if he hadn’t dropped the first one. My favorite part was Chelf’s MJ hands-in-the-air “I don’t know what’s happening” move after the last one… 3. This defense, man, they’ve been outstanding since the Texas game. They probably won’t get the credit last year’s D got from OSU fanatics but that’s a turnover/luck/Gilbert issue, not a team thing. Tech’s five worst offensive outputs go like this: Iowa State – 24 points OU – 20 points Texas – 22 points KSU – 24 points OSU – 21 points Good company, all.

Five Thoughts On The Tennessee Game

BOX SCORE The Cowboys responded in a big way from their squeaker yesterday, hammering Tennessee 62-45. They crashed the boards harder than they have since the SMU game last season (+10 margin today, +12 against SMU last season) and it paid off. Here are five other thoughts about the game… 1. The addition of Jurick to the starting lineup (with JPO out) was fascinating. He helped out on the boards a little bit (fewest rebounds of any starter) but scored six points and was just generally…useful. Often I think of Jurick as just somebody who gets in the way but OSU really used him as an axis point for its offense today even though he only took four shots. I’m not sure that’s how we want to run things going forward, but it’s definitely something to keep tabs on. 2. Call it the Marcus Smart effect, call it whatever you want, but this team does seems to do a really good job of drawing fouls. That matters because if you can get into another team’s bench the shots become easier, the boards more abundant, and the game opens up significantly. OSU needs games to open up significantly.

Daily Bullets

Never forget John Helsley with a really good piece on Austin Hays and his last second recruitment. (NewsOK) Also seems like the perfect time to remind you that this exists. (Austin Hays) So this is pretty cool. (NewsOK) Ubbs has the Pokes big this weekend. (ESPN) Tech hasn’t won in Stillwater since 2001. (NewsOK) You can’t just pull anybody off the street. I mean, they have to at least played high school ball. (Tulsa World) Great spread remembering the four in the O’Colly today. (O’Colly)

Preview: Tennessee vs. OSU

Vitals Time: 9:30 AM Location: Puerto Rico TV: ESPNU (Cox (OKC & Tulsa) – 253 | Suddenlink (Stillwater) – 503 | DirecTV – 208 | Dish – 141) Online TV: here Radio: Cowboy Radio Network Online radio: here Announcers: Doug Sherman and Dino Gaudio Line: n/a Records Cowboys – 2-0 Volunteers – 2-0 Best win Cowboys – Akron Volunteers – UNC Asheville Worst loss Cowboys – [fill in Ford joke here] Volunteers – n/a KenPom rank Cowboys – 55th Volunteers – 51st

Five Thoughts On The Akron Game

BOX SCORE OSU slipped past Akron in overtime by a 69-65 score (KenPom predicted 70-67!) It was a let down offensive performance to me after the way they moved and protected the ball against UC Davis last Friday. Here are five other thoughts… 1. I know everybody’s going to be on the “fire Ford!” and “these guys suck, where are my Thunder!” bandwagon, but this team goes hard. They struggled today offensively because Smart played poorly, but to write them off after two games because they struggled with Akron1 is short sighted. Let’s let this thing play out a little bit. 2. That being said, I agree with the text I got from @nolancox regarding JPO’s latest injury — “if he’s done, we’re f’d.” 3. Marcus Smart’s stat lines read like a lottery ticket: 16-9-3-4-1 for him today though the five turnovers and four fouls were not ideal. Gone were the slick passes and deft moves into the lane from last week. Was that because Akron is a step up in competition and he failed to adjust or did we all just overinflate his value one game in? Stay tuned… Which, by the way, is one of seven teams in the country with 22+ wins in each of its last seven seasons (Duke, Kentucky, etc.) ↩

Daily Bullets

Back at it with the Bullets. Sorry about yesterday. Must read of the day by Kelly Hines on James Castleman. (Tulsa World) Big baseball recruit signs. (Scout) Good preview of the Puerto Rico Tournament. (ESPN) I love senior days. (O’Colly) Refreshing outlook from a frosh. (Tulsa World) Info on tickets for the Mississippi State game next year. (okstate) Interesting breakdown of the QBs by Berry Tramel. Lunt haters will love it. (NewsOK)

Preview: Akron vs. OSU

Vitals Time: 9:30 AM Location: Puerto Rico TV: ESPNU (Cox (OKC & Tulsa) – 253 | Suddenlink (Stillwater) – 503 | DirecTV – 208 | Dish – 141) Online TV: here Radio: Cowboy Radio Network Online radio: here Announcers: Doug Sherman and Dino Gaudio Line: OSU -3 Records Cowboys – 1-0 Zips – 1-1 Best win Cowboys – UC Davis Zips – John Carroll (that’s a real team) Worst loss Cowboys – [fill in Ford joke here] Zips – Coastal Carolina KenPom rank Cowboys – 55th Zips – 89th Uni Watch